How to Pronounce fallout?

Correct pronunciation for the word "fallout" is [fˈɔːla͡ʊt], [fˈɔːla‍ʊt], [f_ˈɔː_l_aʊ_t].

"Fallout" in context

Fallout is a series of post-apocalyptic role-playing video games created by Interplay Entertainment. It is set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world where resources are scarce and the inhabitants of the game world are struggling to survive and rebuild. Fallout games are set in an alternate history in which the Cold War has escalated into a nuclear war between the major powers of the world. The games explore themes of morality, the effects of nuclear war, and human nature. The Fallout series began in 1997 with the original Fallout.

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