How to Pronounce fits?

Correct pronunciation for the word "fits" is [fˈɪts], [fˈɪts], [f_ˈɪ_t_s].

"Fits" in context

Fits are a common problem for many people, especially those who lead an active lifestyle and don't get enough physical activity. Fits may be due to dehydration, a reaction to certain types of food, excessive caffeine consumption, or simply a lack of sleep. It is important to identify the cause of the fit and address it accordingly. If the fit is due to dehydration, then a quick drink of water will usually do the trick. If the fit is caused by a reaction to certain foods, then identifying and avoiding those foods can help. Exercise can also help with fits, as it will help to increase blood flow throughout the body.

What are similar-sounding words for fits?


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