How to Pronounce fortune?

Correct pronunciation for the word "fortune" is [fˈɔːt͡ʃuːn], [fˈɔːt‍ʃuːn], [f_ˈɔː_tʃ_uː_n].

"Fortune" in context

The concept of fortune has been around for centuries and is deeply embedded in many cultures. It is based on the belief that luck, or good fortune, can be caused by certain events or persons. In modern times the idea of fortune continues to be important, although the interpretation and meaning of it has evolved. Fortune is generally seen as something positive, a favorable outcome or a lack of misfortune in one's life. Some people believe that a person's fate is predetermined, while others believe it is based on choices and actions.

Good fortune is often linked to success, as well as health, wealth and happiness.

What are similar-sounding words for fortune?


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