How to Pronounce giuda?

Correct pronunciation for the word "giuda" is [d͡ʒɪjˈuːdə], [d‍ʒɪjˈuːdə], [dʒ_ɪ_j_ˈuː_d_ə].

"Giuda" in context

Giuda is a rock band from Rome, Italy that utilizes vintage 1970s rock music as a main influence. Initially formed as a four-piece rock outfit in 1997, they have released six studio albums in their native Italy with a seventh, "Life is Beautiful," released this year. Giuda is known for their energetic live performances and capturing the spirit of classic rock n' roll.

The members of Giuda are vocalist Tenda, guitarist Lorenzo, bassist Daniele and drummer Nico. The band cites a diverse range of influences in their music, recalling the sounds of punk and classic rock.

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