How to Pronounce ichthyoform?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ichthyoform" is [ˈɪkθɪˌɒfɔːm], [ˈɪkθɪˌɒfɔːm], [ˈɪ_k_θ_ɪ__ˌɒ_f_ɔː_m].

What are the misspellings for ichthyoform?

  • ichtyoform,
  • uchthyoform,
  • jchthyoform,
  • kchthyoform,
  • ochthyoform,
  • 9chthyoform,
  • 8chthyoform,
  • ixhthyoform,
  • ivhthyoform,
  • ifhthyoform,
  • idhthyoform,
  • icgthyoform,
  • icbthyoform,
  • icnthyoform,
  • icjthyoform,
  • icuthyoform,
  • icythyoform,
  • ichrhyoform,
  • ichfhyoform,
  • ichghyoform

"Ichthyoform" in context

Ichthyoform is a type of pathogen that influences fish health and causes disease. Ichthyoform pathogens are a form of fungi, which means they feed on organic material, including fish tissue and any other material present in the water. They can also be present in the gills, mouth and other body parts of fish. Symptoms of the disease vary according to species, but the most common are listlessness, loss of appetite, loss of colour, accumulation of mucus on the infected fish and gill inflammation. To prevent infection, strict water quality norms must be followed and healthy fish must be kept in a sanitary environment.

What are similar-sounding words for ichthyoform?


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