How To Spell intra?

Correct spelling: intra

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What is the definition of intra?

  1. in'tra, adv. prefix, within, as in IN'TRA-ABDOM'INAL, situated within the cavity of the abdomen; IN'TRA-ART[=E]'RIAL, existing within an artery; IN'TRA-CAP'SULAR, lying within a capsule; IN'TRA-CAR'DIAC, within the heart; IN'TRA-CELL'ULAR, inside a cell; IN'TRA-PARI[=E]'TAL, within walls, private: situated in the parietal lobe of the brain; IN'TRA-TERRIT[=O]'RIAL, existing within a territory; IN'TRA-TROP'ICAL, situated within the tropics; IN'TRA-UR'BAN, within a city.

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