How to Pronounce intramembranous?

Correct pronunciation for the word "intramembranous" is [ˈɪntɹəmˌɛmbɹanəs], [ˈɪntɹəmˌɛmbɹanəs], [ˈɪ_n_t_ɹ_ə_m_ˌɛ_m_b_ɹ_a_n_ə_s].

What are the misspellings for intramembranous?

  • intremembranous,
  • untramembranous,
  • jntramembranous,
  • kntramembranous,
  • ontramembranous,
  • 9ntramembranous,
  • 8ntramembranous,
  • ibtramembranous,
  • imtramembranous,
  • ijtramembranous,
  • ihtramembranous,
  • inrramembranous,
  • inframembranous,
  • intramembranious,
  • intramambranous,
  • intra membranous,
  • Intramembronous,
  • Intramembraneous,
  • Intramembrous,
  • Intramambraneous

"Intramembranous" in context

Intramembranous ossification is a type of ossification process that occurs in the formation of flat bones such as the skull bones. It is in contrast to endochondral ossification, which is the formation of bones like long bones. In intramembranous ossification, connective tissue sheets called "membranes" are used instead of hyaline cartilage. The membranes are made from collagen and are surrounded by perichondrium. This process occurs when specialized mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into osteoblasts and produce osteoid which is then calcified.

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