How to Pronounce ISH?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ISH" is [ˈɪʃ], [ˈɪʃ], [ˈɪ_ʃ].

What are the misspellings for ISH?

  • isxh,
  • 9ish,
  • ijsh,
  • 9sh,
  • i9sh,
  • isuh,
  • iswh,
  • 8ish,
  • i sh,
  • iszh,
  • izh,
  • 8sh,
  • is h,
  • isyh,
  • ishg,
  • isbh,
  • isjh,
  • iwh,
  • i8sh,
  • izsh,
  • ishb

"ISH" in context

The International Schools of Helsinki (ISH) is an independent, non-denominational school in Finland. ISH offers a high-standard international education to students from pre-school (3-year-olds) to secondary school (18-year-olds). ISH currently serves a student population of 1000 from close to 60 different nationalities.

ISH values innovation, meets global challenges and encourages cultural diversity. Its vision is to provide the best possible education for each individual student and promote the global understanding among youth of Finland. To achieve this goal, ISH focuses on student-centered learning and innovation strategies.

What are similar-sounding words for ISH?


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