How to Pronounce jacobean?

Correct pronunciation for the word "jacobean" is [d͡ʒˌakə͡ʊbˈi͡ən], [d‍ʒˌakə‍ʊbˈi‍ən], [dʒ_ˌa_k_əʊ_b_ˈiə_n].

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"Jacobean" in context

Jacobean refers to the reign of King James I of England and VI of Scotland, occurring between 1603 to 1625. His many accomplishments include contributing extensively to literature, aiding in the making of the King James Bible, and the proclamation of the Church of England as the state religion of England. Art and architecture are two other areas where Jacobean styles blossomed. This period was also known for its great religious changes and intolerance, while also being labeled as a period of great achievements. Theatre also served a major role in term of Jacobean works. Artists like Ben Jonson and William Shakespeare heavily featured during that time.

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