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How to Pronounce Jacobinized?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Jacobinized" is [d͡ʒˈakəbˌɪna͡ɪzd], [d‍ʒˈakəbˌɪna‍ɪzd], [dʒ_ˈa_k_ə_b_ˌɪ_n_aɪ_z_d].

What are the misspellings for Jacobinized?

  • jacobinise,
  • hacobinized,
  • nacobinized,
  • macobinized,
  • kacobinized,
  • iacobinized,
  • uacobinized,
  • jzcobinized,
  • jscobinized,
  • jwcobinized,
  • jqcobinized,
  • jaxobinized,
  • javobinized,
  • jafobinized,
  • jadobinized,
  • jacibinized,
  • jackbinized,
  • jaclbinized,
  • jacpbinized,
  • Jacobianized

"Jacobinized" in context

Jacobinized is a term referring to the ideas and policies of the Jacobin Club in France during the French Revolution. The Jacobins were a political society that sought to use the principles of the Revolution to create a new, more equitable society. They favored a democratic republic and sought to limit the power of the King and the Church. They championed the concept of popular sovereignty and sought to limit the power of the aristocracy. They believed in social and economic equality and argued for the redistribution of wealth. They also sought to actively promote their ideals throughout Europe and beyond.

Usage over time for Jacobinized:

This graph shows how "Jacobinized" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.


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