How to Pronounce k&r?

Correct pronunciation for the word "k&r" is [kˈe͡ɪ and ˈɑː], [kˈe‍ɪ and ˈɑː], [k_ˈeɪ _a_n_d ˈɑː].

"K&r" in context

K&r is an abbreviation of the names Kerning and Rand, two prominent computer scientists. The two developed the programming language C, the foundation of many modern languages, back in the 1970's. K&R is considered a classic computer programming book, and is much quoted in the programming community. The book is also used as a reference for students studying Computer Science, as it provides invaluable information on the structure, design, and evolution of the C language. Its structure is sometimes copied in modern programming languages, making the book highly relevant in contemporary times.

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