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How to Pronounce leucasmus?

Correct pronunciation for the word "leucasmus" is [lˈuːkazməs], [lˈuːkazməs], [l_ˈuː_k_a_z_m_ə_s].

What are the misspellings for leucasmus?

  • keucasmus,
  • peucasmus,
  • oeucasmus,
  • lwucasmus,
  • lsucasmus,
  • lducasmus,
  • lrucasmus,
  • l4ucasmus,
  • l3ucasmus,
  • leycasmus,
  • lehcasmus,
  • lejcasmus,
  • leicasmus,
  • lucasmus,
  • leucamus,
  • leucamsus,
  • leucismus,
  • leucomus,
  • leucemus,
  • leucelmus

"Leucasmus" in context

Leucasmus is a medical condition in which the whites of the eyes, or sclera, appear lighter than normal due to the lack of pigment production by the irises. This causes the eyes to have a pale, milky appearance and is a type of hypopigmentation (lack of skin pigmentation) that can be present at birth or develop during childhood.

Leucasmus is most commonly caused by a genetic mutation, though it is also linked to certain autoimmune disorders and certain medications, like the isotretinoin used to treat certain forms of acne.


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