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How to Pronounce luo?

Correct pronunciation for the word "luo" is [ljˈuːə͡ʊ], [ljˈuːə‍ʊ], [l_j_ˈuː_əʊ].

What are the misspellings for luo?

  • lue,
  • luu,
  • luj,
  • luou,
  • puo,
  • ouo,
  • lyo,
  • lho,
  • ljo,
  • l8o,
  • l7o,
  • lu0,
  • lu9,
  • kluo,
  • lkuo,
  • pluo,
  • lpuo,
  • oluo,
  • louo,
  • lyuo

"Luo" in context

The luo tribe is an ethnic group mainly located in Kenya, although they can also be found in Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan. Historically, the Luo are believed to have descended from a group of Nilo-Saharan people that left the region known as Nyanza in modern day Kenya about 600 years ago.

The Luo were historically pastoralist, but today make up a diverse group of farmers, fishermen, traders, and more. Their traditional practices, such as food taboos, are still observed today. Socially, the Luo practice a system of patrilineal descent and inherited property.

What are similar-sounding words for luo?

Usage over time for luo:

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