How to Pronounce lyra?

Correct pronunciation for the word "lyra" is [lˈa͡ɪɹə], [lˈa‍ɪɹə], [l_ˈaɪ_ɹ_ə].

"Lyra" in context

Lyra is an innovative company that is revolutionizing the way people interact with sound. They combine the finest Italian craftsmanship and contemporary technology to create products that deliver a truly captivating sound experience. With the release of their new Lyra Home Hi-Fi System, they have made it easier than ever to enjoy quality audio in any space. The system consists of two active speakers, two passive speakers and a subwoofer, providing customers with the perfect balance of clarity and presence. As well as providing high-end audio quality, Lyra also places a huge emphasis on design, ensuring that every Lyra product looks as good as it sounds.

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