How to Pronounce mdoc?

Correct pronunciation for the word "mdoc" is [ˈɛmdˈɒk], [ˈɛmdˈɒk], [ˈɛ_m_d_ˈɒ_k].

"Mdoc" in context

The Medical Documentation (mdoc) is a computer-based system that assists medical staff in the management and flow of patient care. It is used in ambulatory and hospital settings to streamline the workflow by creating, updating and maintaining patient data. MDoc also helps minimize paperwork and offers secure patient data management.

The system was developed by HealthFusion, Inc based on proprietary technology that enables workflow optimization. MDoc is designed to simplify and accelerate the work of medical staff. It offers an integrated platform with various tools such as patient scheduling, medical coding, billing, document management, medical report writing, and electronic health records (EHRs).

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