How to Pronounce mesmer?

Correct pronunciation for the word "mesmer" is [mˈɛsmə], [mˈɛsmə], [m_ˈɛ_s_m_ə].

"Mesmer" in context

Mesmer is a form of magnetic healing and is derived from the influences of the 18th Century German doctor Franz Anton Mesmer. As a proponent of the use of magnetism in the treatment of physical and psychological ailments, Mesmer popularized the practice known as animal magnetism with intriguing therapies and demonstrations involving contact with clients and often the use of hypnosis. Patients of Mesmer's would report being in a trance-like state and experience strange physical sensations as a result of his treatments. He was one of the first to observe, study and theorize the effects of hypnosis as a possible cure or remedy for illness.

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