How to Pronounce meuse?

Correct pronunciation for the word "meuse" is [mjˈuːs], [mjˈuːs], [m_j_ˈuː_s].

"Meuse" in context

The meuse is a major European river flowing through France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It has an approximate length of 925 kilometres and is known, among other things, for its impressive valleys and riverbanks, as well as its picturesque villages. The source of the Meuse is in France, on the plateau of Langres. From there it flows northwards to meet the Scheldt and Rhine rivers in the Netherlands, before joining the sea at the Hook of Holland. Throughout its journey, the Meuse crosses through the beautiful French countryside of Champagne and Lorraine, as well as the Belgian provinces of Liege and Namur.


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