How to Pronounce minor?

Correct pronunciation for the word "minor" is [mˈa͡ɪnə], [mˈa‍ɪnə], [m_ˈaɪ_n_ə].

"Minor" in context

A minor is an individual who is below the legal age of adulthood. Minors typically have limited civil rights, such as being unable to vote or enter into a contract without the permission of a parent or legal guardian. In some jurisdictions, minors are also prohibited from certain activities, such as gambling, drinking alcohol, purchasing tobacco products, and serving in the military. Laws concerning minors also vary by country.

Throughout history, individuals who reached the age of majority were given greater freedoms and responsibilities. However, because minors are often considered unable to make responsible decisions, they often require additional protection.

What are similar-sounding words for minor?


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