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How to spell -ORKLING correctly?

If you've misspelled "-orkling", don't worry, we've got you covered! Some correct suggestions could include "forlorn", meaning sad or lonely or "folklore", denoting traditional beliefs and customs. Other possibilities might be "corking", meaning excellent or "tormenting", referring to causing anguish or distress.

List of suggestions on how to spell -orkling correctly

  • Corking The corking finale had the audience on the edge of their seats.
  • Forking I accidentally knocked over the salt shaker, causing a forking mess on the table.
  • Inkling I had an inkling that something wasn't right when he started avoiding my calls.
  • Irking The incessant ringing of his phone was irking him while he was trying to concentrate on his work.
  • Ogling When I walked into the room, I noticed a group of people ogling at the mesmerizing artwork on the wall.
  • Oiling I spent the afternoon oiling the hinges on the squeaky door.
  • OKing I'm OKing the proposal you sent me and will proceed with implementing your suggestions.
  • Orating The politician captivated the crowd with her powerful orating skills.
  • Owling Owling is the act of imitating an owl in order to sneak up on someone.
  • Riling Her provocative comments were riling up the entire audience.
  • Ruling The judge's ruling was in favor of the plaintiff, granting them a significant settlement.
  • Working Working from home has its challenges, but many people find it to be more productive.

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