Correct spelling for 000I

We think the word 000i is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 000i

  • ai For this cause, will I await them no longer here, but let them offer me battle on Mag Ai, if so it please them.
  • bi This edition forms the second part of a volume having the following general title page: The Conspiracie of Catiline, written by Constancius Felicius Durantinus, and translated bi Thomas Paynell: with the historye of Jugurth, writen by the famous Romaine Salust, and translated into Englyshe by Alexander Barcklaye.
  • ci Ci sono avisi d'Ingliterra de' 14 del passalo che mostrano gli animi di la e massimamente Eboracense non dico inclinati ma accesi di desiderio di concordia con Francia'....
  • gi =Jeppe=-Sure enough, Jakob! Gi' me another glass! (aside) When I once have drunk it, then I guess he will have to trust me, whether he wants to or not.
  • hi But the interpreter explained oh-hi-o means good mornin'; and after that for days Josiah would say to me as soon as I waked up, "Ohio," and wanted to say it to the rest, but I broke it up.
  • i'd I'd do that for you, if you'd do what I ask for me."
  • ia S. H. Byers, 5 Ia.
  • ii 331, 333 Taillebourg, battle of, ii.
  • il Cowley sang: -M'appari tutt'amor: Il mio sguardo l'incontr...
  • in Claudian in Laudes Stilic.
  • io Io maledico il di ch'io vidi imprima La luce de' vostri occhi traditori.
  • ir Exemple for the masculin, if ye take ir away from uenir, tenir, souuenir, soubstenir, maintenir, and adde u for it, ye shall have, uenu, tenu, souuenu, maintenu, and addyng an e to it, ye shall have the feminin, whiche
  • iv 74. Fitzherbert, Mrs.: Death, iv.
  • li "Hop Li, he givee this"-he indicated the envelope in his sleeve-"to next Chinaman.
  • mi 30, R. 7 E, T. 18 N, 3; 10 mi.
  • ni The huge unwieldy beasts were especially abundant in the neighbourhood of Ni or Nini, the country between the middle Tigris and the Zagros range.
  • pi One night more or less doesn't matter, and I don't like leaving Chip-pi-ti-chip at night-time.
  • ri Eat War-i-ka-ri much; eat-heap!
  • si 20 si quis in hac ipsum terra posuisset Homerum, esset, crede mihi, factus et ipse Getes.
  • ti Not finding one, by and by, after a few hours' sleep, I went ashore with the captain, intending to preach in the temple of Kwan-ti.
  • vi Vi looks up just like that when she's singin'.
  • wi 'Wi' a' my hert, "His will be dune," grannie,' responded Robert.
  • xi G, British Museum, Cotton Library, Otho B. xi.
  • If If you would believe that, mademoiselle?"
  • I'm " I'm very unhappy ...
  • It Is it a waistcoat?
  • U Another group, a n u, are confused together.
  • OI He again looked in his hat, shut his mouth fast; again scratched his head; again shook it a little, and with another jerk, as if announcing a conclusion at which he had arrived with great certainty, but after a severe mental effort, he said: " Oi go with Brother Bushel, Oi do."
  • ID Id autem hoc modo fiebat.
  • ie Ways to encourage these healthy adjustment mechanisms may include: encouraging talking about and processing emotions understanding and offering support, especially during periods of transition reassuring them that they are normal and worthy of inclusion monitoring progress in different environments (ie: home and school) emphasizing decision making, especially starting out with simple, relatively inconsequential decisions (ie: what to eat for breakfast, what toy to play with) promoting participation in hobbies and activities that are enjoyable and play to their individual strength
  • old-fashioned Many years after her death one of the children who used occasionally to call upon her, and to whom even now the odor of certain old-fashioned flowers will bring back a vivid picture of that little garden, had a curious dream about her.

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