Correct spelling for 1MAY

We think the word 1may is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 1may

  • bay The dog again brought to bay the jar which belonged to Kaboniyan.
  • cay Bramble Cay, South-east Coast of New Guinea: 4 22 37 E.
  • day It was one day in August.
  • hay I have heard talk of the hard work of the hay-fields, but I never yet knew a healthy man who did not recall many moments of exquisite pleasure connected with the hardest and the hottest work.
  • jay What a lesson is his mingling melody with work uncomplainingly and helping to keep the woods green and beautiful by his constant industry, co-partner with the squirrel and jay.
  • lay All that day Jacqueline lay in her bed dumb and motionless.
  • ma Come away, ma fille.
  • mac By the holy poker, said Mac Fane, but I always thought he was a spalpeen, and no gintleman!
  • mad "Oh, but the boys was mad when they heard all about it!
  • mag Miss Kate, surely you're not going to take Mag Henderson into your own home?
  • mam Thic's Mam 'Idger's job.
  • man Drop those guns, every man of you, and get your hands up!"
  • many I have stood in slippery places many times before, but never in one so slippery as this."
  • mao Mao sa guihapon; cun dili saoayon mo caron, dili aco magato-on niana hasta ogma.
  • map Map of Prince Edward Island and the Northumberland Straits.
  • mar And now the end of the trip was in sight without a single incident to mar its smoothness.
  • mary Yes, my dear Mary?
  • mat Outside he found Mr. Wesden, standing with his back to the street door, smoking his pipe, and regarding the hall mat abstractedly.
  • maw Didn't yer maw never come back?
  • may Who can tell how far off the moment is when it may be too late?
  • maya They are a northern offshoot of that great family, of which the Maya of Yucatan is the type.
  • mays Imagine a fine girl like Lottie Mays being done to death by that; and every man that ever saw her just crazy for her."
  • nay There were no nay votes.
  • pay I pay it now, yas.
  • ray If the wheel be urged still faster, the next tooth may have passed the eye, so that the ray again becomes visible.
  • say "Come, Mr. Titmouse," said she, in quite an altered tone, "never mind me; I'm a plain-spoken woman enough, I dare say-and often say more than I mean-for I know I a'n't over particular when my blood's up-but-lord!
  • way "Where is the way up?
  • Amy "Just look at that poor little boy, Amy," said the taller of the two.
  • Fay But she spoke falsely, for she was one of the damsels of Morgan le Fay, the great enchantress, who was King Arthur's half-sister.
  • My This is my street.
  • mayo After a fortnight's halt at Vimiera the Mayo Fusiliers were marched, with four other regiments, to Torres Vedras, where they took up their quarters.
  • Kay I rushed into explanations, sure that when Mrs. Ess Kay understood, I should be pronounced "not guilty."
  • Macy Mrs. Macy says Mrs. Lupey says as Busby said as if he hadn'tbeen Mr. Drake's lawyer he'd have been more than ready to be the other man, but as Mr. Drake's lawyer he can't help Judy no more'n if he was Mr. Drake himself.
  • Mai And far into the night, through silent Cheapside, a rolling voice swelled through much laughter thus: "Gai Ion la, gai le rosier, Du joli mois de Mai."
  • Mae Mae looked very reprovingly out from her white wraps at him, but he smiled back composedly and admiringly, and drew her hand a trifle closer in his arm.
  • Maj Feb 18, 1862. Maj.
  • MAS We find their bones, and their stone weapons, and their crude paintings, in the caves of Cro-Magnon and Grimaldi and Altimira and Mas-d'Azil; the deep layers of horse and reindeer and mammoth bones at their feasting-place at Solutre.

4 words made from the letters 1may

3 letter words made from 1may:

yam, may, 1am, mya.

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