Correct spelling for 1PART

We think the word 1part is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 1part

  • apart "Let us sit here and see the sun set, and have a talk, Lucy," said Minnie, drawing Lucy a little apart.
  • art But now there were about him no people who knew anything of his art or of him.
  • bart "It ain't goin' to happen one more time," growled Bart Elliott, the foreman whose wrath under the direct eyes of the "Old Man" was no less than King's.
  • cart You started from there, didn't you, with the cart in the afternoon?"
  • dart If any fiery dart pass through the shield, all its poison is wiped off in passage.
  • hart I knocked up the landlord of the 'White Hart,' and, turning into bed, slept my first peaceful sleep since my trouble.
  • mart Secrets of Science, and marvels of Art, Health of the home, and wealth of the mart, All that is best for the mind and the heart, Crowded around her are seen.
  • pact Marriage is primarily an economic arrangement, an insurance pact.
  • pad The pa-chi'-pad are to prevent Igorot from other pueblos entering the fawi and thus seeing the efficacious bundle of runo.
  • paid But for Peter, perhaps, he might never have paid the visit.
  • pant The cutting ponies pant and sweat, rear and plunge.
  • par He was the military man par excellence.
  • para The first essay of Chaipa Chi was in boiling eggs, which, according to the custom of the country, she boiled para beber, or to drink; that is, by breaking a small hole in the shell, into which a stick is inserted to mix together the white and yolk; the egg is to be disposed of through this hole in the primitive way which nature indicates to the new-born babe.
  • pare Core, pare and cut four or five apples into eighths; lay them in parallel rows on top of the dough, the sharp edge down, and press enough to make the edge penetrate slightly.
  • park "Thet was long before I come to Middle Park.
  • parr You remember Mrs. Parr?
  • part In what part of Paris?
  • parts He could nowhere discover them; all seemed parts of a dark, gloomy, common-looking city.
  • party Boyce was due at a Country House party near Carlisle.
  • past At about half-past eleven in the morning.
  • pat "That would be holding the gun by the wrong end," protested Pat.
  • pate I suppose you mean that he was too partial to asparagus and pate de foie gras, don't you?
  • patty " Patty want pig," he said again.
  • peat It stretches itself for miles on all sides, surrounded by wet meadows and pools of water, by peat-bogs, cloudberries, and miserable stunted trees.
  • pert She stood out there alone with Mr. Garvan, her arms behind her, her slender figure drawn up beneath the swinging hall lamp, her pert little head, circled by the braids she wore coiled clear around it when she wanted to be very grown-up, upturned to the master, her every feature stamped with coquetry.
  • pet My lady's pet dog!
  • pit At the corner of the house he met the muzzle of a revolver pointing straight at the pit of his stomach.
  • pitt Pringle of Pitt Street?
  • poet One was a physician, another a poet, a third a shepherd, hunter or blacksmith.
  • port The inner door of the port-lock swung open, the outer door down, and Carse walked through, followed by Friday and Harkness.
  • porto Let the reader mark how freely the thoughts arise in the following very exquisite little piece, written in Madeira, and suggested by the distant view of the neighbouring island of Porto Santo, one of the first colonized by the Portuguese adventurers of the fifteenth century.
  • pout Ferry's response was to lay it back again and there ensued a puerile tussle that put me in a precious pout, that I should be kept waiting by such things.
  • prat Barcelona is served by Barcelona-El Prat Airport, about 17 km (11 mi) from the centre of Barcelona.
  • pt Gentleman's Magazine, 1832, pt.
  • put "I don't know where we can put her.
  • putt But the fact is, as I have already indicated, that you can putt with anything if you hit the ball properly.
  • tart Northmour spoke hotly, I remember, and I suppose I must have made some tart rejoinder.
  • wart As an English politician, Mr. Van Wart was neither very active nor very ardent.
  • Patti The newspapers praised Patti for a brave and stalwart citizen.
  • PARC He returned to the Parc Monceau every Sunday, for then he always saw her, and each time he was seized with a mad, an irresistible longing to take his son into his arms, to cover him with kisses and to steal him, to carry him off.
  • PARS Malta mendacia in rebus minutis, eorum pars uliqua non exigua nostra editione vulgata extat.
  • KART This overtaking maneuver shocks Naomi so much so that he drops the accelerator of his kart, accelerates past Capeta.
  • pot However, Mark fetched the pot, filled it at the shore, and presently came back with it, and put it on. Then he sat down too in the shade.

21 words made from the letters 1part

3 letter words made from 1part:

1pt, rap, apr, rat, apt, par, atp, ra1, tap, tar, pat, a1t, arp, r1a, art.

4 letter words made from 1part:

5 letter words made from 1part:


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