Correct spelling for 2009SAINT

We think the word 2009saint is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 2009saint

  • faint A faint smile played about his mother's lips.
  • paint Me furnishing hundred-and-fifty-dollar horses for you to paint the snow with!"
  • saint Satisfied with this, I went to the foot of the bridge and sat down, waiting there to see which way he would come, and a few minutes before midnight I saw him advancing from the square of Saint-Paul.
  • sainted In a little narrow pass is a rude tomb near the rough stone cabin of a sainted lady called Sheikha, where our soldiers and camel-men made their devotions.
  • saintly When Tirant reached the town where his companions were staying, he told them about the beautiful adventure Our Lord had taken him on, and how the saintly hermit had given him that book.
  • salient He had in himself a salient, living spring of generous and manly action.
  • sand It's a main cold morning, to be sure, sir, to sit outside upon the sand.
  • sanity It was extraordinary to hear her speak like this, and, a little frightened by her sudden sanity, they waited up with her until midnight.
  • sapient Here, then, is a really recondite meaning, fairly traced to Shakspeare's own reading; for had he borrowed it from any one else, some trace of it would be found, and Warburton need not have stultified himself by his sapient note-"IMPROPERLY USED FOR THIRD!"
  • sat Long after he was gone, Hester sat motionless, thinking, thinking.
  • satin Is it my old lavender, and my old satin blouse?
  • satiny
  • scant
  • scent
  • sent
  • sin
  • sit
  • skint
  • snit
  • stain
  • stint
  • taint
  • Ain't Why, Mrs. Hudgers, ain't you et yer breakfast yet?
  • Sating
  • Santa We had sailed well to the westward, to have the full advantage of the north-east trades, and so had now to sail southward to reach the port of Santa Barbara, where we arrived on the 14th, after a voyage of 150 days from Boston.
  • San On December 22, 1888, we sang Borduse mass for the last time before returning to San Francisco.
  • Saints Silence, you thief of the saints!
  • slant
  • snot
  • algebras In supergravity and supersymmetric representation theory, Adinkra symbols are a graphical representation of supersymmetric algebras.

67 words made from the letters 2009saint

3 letter words made from 2009saint:

tai, s90, 00s, ans, sit, n20, 009, 9in, 002, s20, 020, ani, sat, n90, a92, a90, 90s, 2na, ain, s9a, tan, ant, sin, tin, sn2, tia, nit, 090, 2in, 200, 209, 900.

4 letter words made from 2009saint:

asin, n00s, 0092, sant, 2900, 2090, 9200, inst, 2009, n900, 0902, 0029, anti, n200, sita, tian, 9002, sian, nast, nits, t20s, 0290, 9020, tsn2, snit, 0920.

5 letter words made from 2009saint:

aints, 2009a, stain, sinta, santi, saint, satin, insta, astin.

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