Correct spelling for 25MAN

We think the word 25man is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 25man

  • an A meeting which they held at Privas was an occasion of remarkable stillness and solemnity.
  • can How can I tell without I see it?
  • han I told what I knew of the Han plans for abandoning the city, and their escape tunnels.
  • jan Jan 20. Carbohydrate, 15 grams.
  • lan At Sou Tcheou or Lan Tcheou, while we stop a few hours?
  • ma Ma pauvre enfant, qu'allez vous faire maintenant?
  • mac Imagine, Fairfax, my surprise at seeing the name of Mac Fane!
  • main Five minutes later the carriage awoke the echoes in the main street of the sleeping town, and Mr. Thomasson drew a deep breath of relief as it came to a stand.
  • maine To heighten the interest of the occasion, the colors captured by the Harris Light at Urbanna, and those taken by the First Maine in their memorable charge at Brandy Station on the ninth instant, were displayed amid the cheers of the enthusiastic cavalrymen, whose past deeds give encouraging promise for the future.
  • mam An' thic Mam Widger there'd hae summut to say about it now.
  • man Mary turned upon one fool who called a smart word at her: "Left your manners in Squashville, didn't you, little man?"
  • mane Sure is it Pater ye mane!
  • mania For that wonderful Teutonic administrative mania was already manifesting itself while ruined houses still smoked; method replaced chaos, order marched on the heels of the Prussian rear-guard, which enveloped Morsbronn in a whirlwind of Uhlans, and left it a silent, blackened landmark in the August sunshine.
  • mann The tavern sign of the Green Man is sometimes explained as representing a forester in green, but it was probably at first equivalent to the German sign "Zum wilden Mann."
  • manna Nefert's tears fell as dew, her sobs as manna on the soul of Paaker, which hungered and thirsted for revenge.
  • manor In the kitchen, with its vast hearth and overhanging chimney, we discovered tokens of the good living for which the old manor-house was famous in its day.
  • many There were many other things, forgotten by me.
  • mao I marched to Mao on the Naga Hills frontier with the Chief Commissioner, and then returned to Manipur, arriving on the 4th, and on the 5th heard from Moreh Tannah that a European was being kept a prisoner at Kendat.
  • mar I will find out a way to mar her beauty.
  • maw An' when the principal called up his maw this mornin' an' ast her 'bout it, she up an' said she wrote it herself."
  • may Gither us in then, we pray Thee, and a' we luve, no a bairn missin', and may we sit doon for ever in oor ain Father's House.
  • mean Well, this here guy means what you mean by pretty.
  • meany 10. At the laste a squyar of Northumberlande lokyde at his hand full ny; He was war a the doughtie Douglas commynge, with him a myghte meany.
  • men Leonardo da Vinci, Perugino, and Filippino Lippi were all there, and men talked of the coming of an even greater genius, the young Raphael of Urbino.
  • menu Burckhardt looked up over the top of his menu, startled.
  • mien He returned in about half an hour, and having this time to run the gauntlet of the street alone, entered with a mien which caused his wife's complaints to remain unspoken.
  • min This Min Palmer must at least be different from the rest of the Cornerites, if only in the greater force of her wickedness.
  • mine I've been down beyont hyar to meet a friend o' mine.
  • ming However this may be, the "Veritable Records" of the great Ming dynasty, which came to a close in 1644, after three hundred years of power, are safe in Division B of the Cambridge Library, filling eighty-four large volumes of manuscript.
  • mini For the Cabuliwallah had given it to Mini; and her mother, catching sight of the bright round object, had pounced on the child with: "Where did you get that eight-anna bit?"
  • mn Moldova MD MD MDA 498 . md Monaco MN MC MCO 492 . mc Mongolia MG MN MNG 496 . mn Montserrat MH MS MSR 500 . ms Morocco MO MA MAR 504 . ma Mozambique MZ MZ MOZ 508 . mz Myanmar - - - - - see Burma
  • moan "Oh, Moray, Moray," she cried, with a piteous moan, and she sank upon her knees, uttering low, hysterical sobs.
  • mon Oh, mon Dieu, what shall we do!
  • mona What secret was there for Leonardo in Mona Lisa's smile, what for him in the motion of waters?
  • mono Wade Blake, Vice President of the company had previously ordered an investigation in an attempt to track to earth the series of strange accidents that have followed the Hope to Horn mono line for some months, but cannot be located at present for a statement.
  • moon When will the meridian overtake the moon?
  • morn Audrey rode over with her Father, this Morn, to make Enquiries.
  • myna On digging into the bank we found the holes all connected with each other, in one place or another, so that apparently every Myna could get into or out from its nest by any one of the hundred odd holes in the face of the excavation.
  • nan What Frank King did not know was this-that it was Nan Beresford who had suggested that answer to his letter.
  • oman Zanzibar was given to one claimant, Oman to the other, and for the future Oman and Sultan Tourki remained under British protection.
  • Dan "It's not our business to catch runaway slaves," Dan answered unwisely.
  • Kan He married Fu'-kan, the younger of the two industrious sisters, and namesake of the mother of the people of Bontoc.
  • Mun If I hadn't stopped mun in the road they'd never have catched mun at all, and 'twas a chance then that he might have killed me, mazed as he is.
  • Ian I do care for Ian.
  • Mai The Daily News became openly pro-Korean; its one daily edition was changed into two separate papers-one, the Dai Han Mai Il Shinpo, printed in the Korean language, and the other, printed in English, still calling itself by the old name.
  • Mae "They are the creatures," continued Mae, "who scorn joys and idle pleasures.
  • Maj When they heard of the affair at Boonville they realized that they were in danger of being caught between the column advancing from that direction and the one under Maj.
  • Marne Meeting with no serious resistance, the allies crossed the Marne at Meaux, and on the 29th reached Bondy, within striking distance of the French capital.
  • Mani When the haughty caciques of Maya rebelled against the supreme lord, and destroyed the city of Mayapan, the reigning monarch was left with only the territory of Mani, the people of which had not joined in the rebellion.
  • MINN -Dry and sandy soil, N. Eng. to Fla., west to Minn., Mo., and La.
  • MANS At Rouen, at Le Mans, at St. Omer, and many other towns in France I watched our British officers and tried to read their character after getting a different point of view among the French troops.

10 words made from the letters 25man

3 letter words made from 25man:

n25, 5am, 2am, m52, 52m, mn2, 2ma, n52, 2na, man.

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