Correct spelling for 2IN

We think the word 2in is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 2in

  • an I asked him to put 'em on, an he did.
  • bin For laying down champagne or any kind of sparkling wine an iron wine-bin is by far the best.
  • din What now Why such a fearful din?
  • en "It is impossible," said he, "utterly impossible; for even should I be disposed to run the risk on my own account, it would avail you nothing; the first town we entered your passport would be demanded, and not being vised by the minister to travel en courier, you would at once be detained and arrested."
  • fin Give us your fin, Sam."
  • gin Then he walked a couple of blocks and went into Blunkers's great gin palace.
  • i'd Thought I'd got it-but no-it wasn't Messiter.
  • ia "Here is Maria Czobor's rose," he said.
  • il The world looked curious to her this April day.
  • in "Well, my dear friend, the change which we have noticed in you for some time is not my fault, is it?
  • ink They did not, however, give notice, being good girls and prepared to bear much, till they saw their names in red ink in one of the squares ruled on a sheet of paper the Frau Pastor pinned up on the sitting-room wall above her writing-table.
  • inn The mill-hands have gone to the inn.
  • ion "I do-I do, dear Marion.
  • kin Ye ain't a-lackin' anything, as I kin see, exceptin' a spankin', and I'm too busy to give ye that.
  • lin I haue spoke long, be pleas'd your selfe to say How farre you satisfide me Lin.
  • min Depression 10.0 24.3 30.2 15.0 Min.
  • ni Under the gateway on either side are the Ni-o, or two kings, gigantic figures in flowing robes, one red and with an open mouth, representing the Yo, or male principle of Chinese philosophy, the other green and with the mouth firmly closed, representing the In, or female principle.
  • on Kurt was on him again.
  • pin You would do it, for I meant to pin a note on your sleeve, explaining.
  • sin If that love had been a sin, we should have been to blame for it.
  • tin Did I say I was going to see Martin?
  • un There's been another un at it?
  • win "I didn't deserve to win anything.
  • I'm I'm out of here."
  • Inc Personal Bibliographics Software, Inc.
  • Ind Go to, and make your profit where ye will, Silver of Sardis change for gold of Ind; Ye will not purchase this man's burial, Not though the winged ministers of Zeus Should bear him in their talons to his throne; Not e'en in awe of prodigy so dire Would I permit his burial, for I know No human soilure can assail the gods; This too I know, Teiresias, dire's the fall Of craft and cunning when it tries to gloss Foul treachery with fair words for filthy gain.
  • Ing This would make a bright flick-er-ing light.
  • It It is a Mr. Cathcart.
  • N N. to Murols, 13 m.
  • Yin And this is no' yin o' the skimpy kind; it's fine and fussy and soft ...
  • INS The Doones had been their own builders, for no one should know their ins and outs; and of course their work was clumsy.
  • Ian I should have loved him better under John than Ian.
  • Ina Then An-ina all go dead.
  • INT flex [ 1: ] int a; co revised ALGOL 68, co proc x = (ref [ 1: flex ] int a) : .
  • INF Btn. = Battalion EM = Enlisted Men. Inf. = Infantry
  • ID Dey certainly haf deh lambs lined up right now for any vey dey vont to twist id.
  • ie Ex. iye or ye, or ie, tree; iangolo or yangolo, ear. Father Egidi wrote j for y.
  • old-fashioned The shanty was built of logs, on three sides, the crevices between which were filled with moss, and the sloping roof neatly covered with bark, in layers, like an old-fashioned roof, covered with split shingles.

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