How to spell 2MIN correctly?

We think the word 2min is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell 2min correctly

  • bin This roused me, and I stripped for the battle, feeling very nervous and uncomfortable, while Mercer drew a long breath, mastered the pain he was in, and, after throwing my jacket and waistcoat in the bin with his own, began to whisper his instructions to me.
  • din I must have lived through a century of this terrible motion and din and unheard of roads for trains, and confused thinking.
  • fin "Bring him here: let me look at him," said Fin.
  • gin She knew the warriors would drink the gin right away.
  • in Why was he not in?
  • kin "That's so," admitted the Boarder, "but what kin I give him?"
  • lin Lin Soo is his uncle!
  • main Yes-he knows the main facts."
  • man Mr. Barnes bit his lip in chagrin to find how well this man was acquainted with his plans, but he replied unhesitatingly, "This time you are wrong.
  • men And the men knew that if the herd was alarmed, it would gallop far away.
  • mi 15, R. 5 E, T. 22 N, 2; 2 mi.
  • mid After the mid-day meal, as soon as Helen had left the house on a journey to Billy Unguin's drapery store, she sat herself down at a small bureau in their kitchen-parlor and drew a couple of books, suspiciously like account books, from one of its locked drawers, and settled herself for an hour's work upon them.
  • mien Ere the radiant sun Sprang from the east, or 'mid the vault of night 60 The moon suspended her serener lamp; Ere mountains, woods, or streams adorn'd the globe, Or Wisdom taught the sons of men her lore; Then lived the Almighty One: then, deep retired In his unfathom'd essence, view'd the forms, The forms eternal of created things; The radiant sun, the moon's nocturnal lamp, The mountains, woods, and streams, the rolling globe, And Wisdom's mien celestial.
  • mil We fired exactly 20 rounds in this test, and the dispersion which we measured is of conventional magnitude, about the same that we get with our present military rifles, and the standard deviation of dispersion is .29 mil.
  • min He bowed very graciously to the Embassador as he passed, and sent a message to him to say that, understanding he was not well, he advised him to return immediately to Pekin, and not to stop at Yuen-min-yuen, as was intended.
  • mind Long brooding over Winnie's terrible fate had unhinged her mind.
  • mine Either I must, or haue mine honor soyl'd With th' Attaindor of his sland'rous Lippes.
  • ming "Yes, sir; I will sell you the Ming vase," returned Miss Benson calmly, "and the two Revolutionary papers, and the coin of George the Second and the rest-" She waved her hand toward the glass-case.
  • mini "I will go to her, then," said Mini to his heart.
  • mink And in return she was to carry away mink, otter and beaver skins.
  • mint In that cool autumn weather mint was at its best, and Colonel Price lamented, as he gathered it that morning, elbow-deep in its dewy fragrance, that the need of it was passing with the last blaze of October days.
  • minx "Of course I led up to it," the minx said to Joyce on describing the meeting.
  • mit There was nothing thin-skinned about Mit, and apparently he had forgotten the rebuff given him by Locke on the train.
  • mix "Heh-heh, yes, just a mix-up.
  • mn Liatris helleri – Hellers blazing star, turgid blazing star - MD WV VA NC Liatris hirsuta – hairy blazing star - central + southeastern United States Liatris laevigata – shortleaf blazingstar - FL GA Liatris lancifolia – lanceleaf blazingstar - NM TX CO WY KS NE SD IA Liatris ligulistylis – Rocky Mountain blazing star, strap-style blazing star - MAN SAS ALB ND SD MN WI IL IA MO NE WY MT CO NM Liatris microcephala – small-head blazing star - NC SC GA AL TN KY Liatris novae-angliae – New England blazing-star Liatris ohlingerae – Florida blazing star, scrub blazing star - FL Liatris oligocephala – Cahaba torch - AL Liatris patens – spreading blazing star, Georgia blazing star - FL GA SC Liatris pauciflora – fewflower blazing star - AL GA FL SC NC Liatris pilosa – grass-leaf blazing star, shaggy blazing star - SC NC VA MD DE PA NJ Liatris × platylepis - LA Liatris provincialis – Godfreys blazing star - FL Liatris punctata – dotted blazing star, plains gayfeather - MAN SAS ALB eastern + central United States Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí Liatris pycnostachya – prairie blazing star, button snakeroot, cattail gayfeather, thickspike gayfeather, Kansas gayfeather - QUE eastern United States Liatris × ridgwayi - IL KS Liatris savannensis – savanna blazing star - FL Liatris scariosa – northern gayfeather, devils bite - eastern + central United States Liatris × serotina - LA Liatris × spheroidea - ONT Liatris spicata – dense blazing star, button snakewort, florist gayfeather, marsh blazingstar, prairie-pine - ONT QUE eastern United States Liatris squarrosa – loosescale gayfeather, colicroot, scaly blazing star - central + southeastern United States Liatris squarrulosa – southern gayfeather, Appalachian blazing star - south-central + southeastern United States Liatris × steelei - IL IN KY Liatris tenuifolia – pine-needle gayfeather, shortleaf gayfeather - MS AL GA TN SC Liatris tenuis – gulf blazing star, Shinners gayfeather - TX LA Liatris virgata – wand blazing star, Kings Mountain gayfeather, piedmont gayfeather - VA WV NC SC GA Liatris × weaveri - NE
  • mon Mon Dieu, what French!
  • pin She glanced up at the pin-points a little wistfully.
  • sin I assured her that marriage would take away the shame of my sin, and with this she took up a stick and would have done for me, if I had not taken to my heels, more from instinct than from any idea of what I was doing.
  • tin Then came a rattle of tin and a splash of water, and the voice of one of the little Bunkers cried: "Oh, I fell in!
  • win We win, hands down!"
  • Mir " Mir ist es ein Greuel," she said, and went on to tell me that it was only done as one might expect by people who did not know better, and of course by servants.
  • Mun Mun Bun, being in a strange bed, had rolled too near one edge, and had fallen out.
  • Yin He knew that, soon or late, he'd find the yin who meant mair to him than a' the ither lassies i' the world put together.
  • Mia "Bella mia," muttered Tom.
  • MIC Spores globose, minutely warted, dark violaceous, 9-10 mic.
  • MIG Men jeg vil intet Ondt gjore dem: hellere vil jeg gjore den Dode, mig selv, og Eder Uret, end at jeg skulde volde slige hederlige Maend Fortraed.
  • MINN In his remarks regarding the tests at Minneapolis, Minn., Mr. Godfrey has failed to note that these tests, faulty as they undoubtedly were, both in the execution of the work, and in the placing of the reinforcement, as well as in the character of the hooping used, were sufficient to satisfy the Department of Buildings that rational design took into consideration the amount of hooping and the amount of vertical steel, and on a basis not far from that which the writer considers reasonable practice.

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