Correct spelling for 4OF

We think the word 4of is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 4of

  • hf QUEYNT, adj. strange, 3. 1330; curious, dainty, R. 65; adorned, R. 1435; curious, well-devised, HF. 228; neat, R. 98; Queynte, strange, curious, HF. 1925, L. 353; T. i. 411; A 1531, 2333, 3605, D 516, E 2061, F 726, G 752; curious, artful, sly, T. iv. 1629; A 3275; quaint, curious, B 1189, F 239, 369; curiously contrived, HF. 126; F 234; hard to understand, 3. 531; graceful, R. 610. O. F. cointe, queinte: Godefroy.
  • oaf The oaf grinned his awful, writhed smile and wriggled his great body after the manner of a puppy desirous of the milk-platter.
  • ob But den, dey ain' our kin' ob folks.
  • off She's off-she's away off!
  • oft The opera opens with the trumpet call of the heralds, and by Henry's speech to the assembled noblemen, who enthusiastically promise him the support of their oft-tried arms.
  • oh Oh, I know you!
  • on I'll run on to your brother."
  • or 4045, 5678. 1482 Or.
  • os Seeing that the structures above the hoof are still normally adherent to the bones, it follows that they must, as the os pedis sinks, be carried with it.
  • ox It is indeed nearly as hard as the hoof of an ox.
  • rf The name "2channel" is allegedly a reference to how RF modulators, commonly used for connecting earlier-generation game consoles (such as Family Computer by Nintendo) to television sets, default to VHF channel 2 in Japan.
  • If I-I wonder if you know what you have done?
  • O's O's for Objective and Optical Art, (The kind we've been used to, these long years gone by,) Which the Cubie Objects to with all of his heart: "Make the Object Subjective," he says, "at the start,- Just a matter of Grammar, as easy as pie!" - O's for Objective and Optical Art.
  • Oe 3. OE ligatures have been expanded.
  • Of 10, 11 Bloreheath, battle of, iii.
  • Om - Om Klitformationen, pp. 106-110.
  • Oz Then, perhaps, the people of Oz would fear me and I'd become more important."
  • Ot Eckhoi I. Deckhoi II. Tunhoi III. Hotterhoi IV. Pauhhoi V. Hoyhoi VI. Hothoi VII. Ot hoi VIII.
  • AF Lif oc Leifthrasir, enn thau leynaz muno i holti Hoddmimis; morgindauggvar thau ser at mat hafa enn thadan af aldir alaz.
  • BF REINACH, BF CMR: S. Reinach, Cultes, Mythes, et Religions.
  • CF 36, 52, 67. 2133 Cf.
  • SF Another way to indicate accented notes (notes to emphasize or play louder compared to surrounding notes) is with sforzando, sforzato, forzando or forzato (abbreviated sfz, sf, or fz) ("forcing" or "forced").
  • F If it is below the f.
  • FF 2, 3, 265 ff.
  • OI Won't thot be fun, Oi dunno!
  • OP For text of Ishii-Lansing Agreement, see Gleason, op.
  • PF -Not from the Celtic Pen, but from the German Pfennig, pf being softened into p, as in pfau, peacock, and ig into y, as in hereig, hearty.
  • VF In letters to his secretary, VF Bulgakov.
  • NF Political parties and leaders: Democratic Alternative '91 or DA '91 (a coalition of the Alternative Forum or AF and Party for Brotherhood and Unity in Politics or BEP, formed in January 1991) [Winston JESSURUN]; Democratic National Platform 2000 or DNP 2000 (coalition of two parties, Democratic Party and Democrats of the 21st Century) [Jules WIJDENBOSCH]; Independent Progressive Democratic Alternative or OPDA [Joginder RAMKHILAWAN]; Millennium Combination or MC (a coalition of three parties, Democratic Alternative, Party for National Unity and Solidarity, and National Democratic Party) [leader NA]; National Democratic Party or NDP [Desire BOUTERSE]; Naya Kadam or NK [leader NA]; Party for Renewal and Democracy or BVD [Tjan GOBARDHAN]; Party of National Unity and Solidarity or KTPI [Willy SOEMITA]; Pertjaja Luhur [Paul SOMOHARDJO]; Progressive Workers' and Farm Laborers' Union or PALU [Ir Iwan KROLIS]; The New Front or NF (a coalition of four parties Suriname National Party or NPS, Progressive Reform Party or VHP, Suriname Labor Party or SPA, and Pertjaja Luhur) [Runaldo Ronald VENETIAAN]; The Progressive Development Alliance (a combination of three parties, Renewed Progressive Party or HPP, Party of the Federation of Land Workers or PVF, and Suriname Progressive People's Party or PSV) [Harry KISOENSINGH]
  • OJ Oj, za hayem, hayem - Capella All the orchestrations were done by V.
  • OW Why ow pickets, they're there.

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