Correct spelling for 55PM

We think the word 55pm is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 55pm

  • bm BAI(Mech) - Bachelor of Arts in Mechanical Engineering BALaw - Bachelor of Arts in Law BAO - Bachelor of Arts in Obstetrics (Arte Obstetricia) BARelSt - Bachelor of Arts on Religious Studies BASc - Bachelor of Arts and Science BASoc - Bachelor of Arts in Sociology BATheol - Bachelor of Arts in Theology BA/BSc - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science BAcc - Bachelor of Accounting BAdmin - Bachelor of Administration BAgr - Bachelor of Agriculture BAH - Bachelor of Animal Health BArch - Bachelor of Architecture BArchSc - Bachelor of Architectural Science BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration BBLS - Bachelor of Business and Legal Studies BBS - Bachelor of Business Studies BBus - Bachelor of Business BChem - Bachelor of Chemistry BCL - Bachelor of Civil Law BCLD(SocSc) - Bachelor of Community Learning and Development in Social Sciences BClinSci - Bachelor of Clinical Science BCom - Bachelor of Commerce BCombSt - Bachelor of Combined Studies BCommEdCommDev - Bachelor of Community Education and Community Development BComSc - Bachelor of Commercial Science BD - Bachelor of Divinity BDes - Bachelor of Design BDiv - Bachelor of Divinity BEconSc - Bachelor of Economic Science BEconSci - Bachelor of Science in Economics BEd - Bachelor of Education BEng - Bachelor of Engineering BES - Bachelor of Engineering Studies BEng(Tech) - Bachelor of Engineering in Technology BEng/BSc - Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science BFA - Bachelor of Fine Art BFin - Bachelor of Finance BFLS - Bachelor of Financial and Legal Studies BFST - Bachelor of Food Science and Technology BH - Bachelor of Humanities BHealthSc - Bachelor of Health Sciences BHSc - Bachelor of Health Science BHy - Bachelor of Hygiene BIBA - Bachelor of International Business Administration BJur - Bachelor of Jurisprudence BL - Bachelor of Law BLE - Bachelor of Land Economy BLegSc - Bachelor of Legal Science BLib - Bachelor of Librarianship BLing - Bachelor of Linguistics BLitt - Bachelor of Letters or Bachelor of Literature BLittCelt - Bachelor of Celtic Letters BLS - Bachelor of Library Studies BM - Bachelor of Medicine BM - Bachelor of Midwifery BMedSc - Bachelor of Medical Science(s) BMedSci - Bachelor in Medical Science BMet - Bachelor of Metallurgy BMid - Bachelor of Midwifery BMidWif - Bachelor of Midwifery BMin - Bachelor of Ministry BMS - Bachelor of Midwifery Studies BMSc - Bachelor of Medical Science BMus - Bachelor of Music BMusEd - Bachelor of Music Education BMusPerf - Bachelor of Music Performance BN - Bachelor of Nursing BNatSci - Bachelor in Natural Science BNS - Bachelor of Nursing Studies BNurs - Bachelor of Nursing BOptom - Bachelor of Optometry BOst - Bachelor of Osteopathy BPA - Bachelor of Public Administration BPA - Bachelor of Performing Arts BPharm - Bachelor of Pharmacy BPhil - Bachelor of Philosophy BPhil(Ed) - Bachelor of Philosophy in Education BPhys - Bachelor of Physics BPhysio - Bachelor of Physiotherapy BPl - Bachelor of Planning BRadiog - Bachelor of Radiography BSc - Bachelor of Science BScAgr - Bachelor of Science in Agriculture BSc(Dairy) - Bachelor of Science in Dairying BScD - Bachelor of Science in Dentistry BSc(DomSc) - Bachelor of Science in Domestic Science BScEc - Bachelor of Science in Economic and Social Studies BScEcon - Bachelor of Science in Economic Science or Bachelor of Economic and Social Studies BSc(Econ) - Bachelor of Science in Economics BSc(Ed) - Bachelor of Science in Education BSc(Eng) - Bachelor of Science in Engineering BScFor - Bachelor of Science in Forestry BScHW - Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellbeing BSc(HealthSc) - Bachelor of Science in Health Science BSc(Hort) - Bachelor of Science in Horticulture BSc(MCRM) - Bachelor of Science in Marine and Coastal Reserve Management BSc(Med) - Bachelor of Science in Medicine BSc(Mid) - Bachelor of Science in Midwifery BSc(Min) - Bachelor of Science in Mining BSc(Psych) - Bachelor of Science in Psychology BScHSc - Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences BScPH - Bachelor of Science in Public Health BScTech - Bachelor of Science in Technology BSocSc - Bachelor of Social Sciences BSS - Bachelor of Social Studies BSt - Bachelor of Studies BStSu - Bachelor of Deaf Studies BSW - Bachelor of Social Work BTCP - Bachelor of Town and County Planning BTech - Bachelor of Technology (not to be confused with BTEC) BTechEd - Bachelor of Technological Education BTh - Bachelor of Theology BTheol - Bachelor of Theology BTS - Bachelor of Theatre Studies EdB - Bachelor of Education LittB - Bachelor of Literature or Bachelor of Letters LLB - Bachelor of Laws LLB(Eur) Bachelor of Laws (European) MA - Master of Arts (bachelors level at some Scottish universities) MA(SocSci) - Master of Arts (Social Sciences) MusB - Bachelor of Music ScBTech - Bachelor of Science in Technology
  • cm =lobatus=, Fr. P. 1-2 cm. horizontal, lobed, brown then pale; g. fold-like, distinct, branched, divergent; sp. --.
  • em But you need have no fear respecting Em getting on with Miss Jordan: I don't believe she could be unkind to any one, least of all to our little darling.
  • fm Norway AM 5, FM at least 650, shortwave 1 (1998)
  • gm Cocaine hydrochloride 0.10 Gm. Tincture of vanilla 1.50 Cc. Cacao powder 3.00 Gm. Sugar, powdered 27.00 Gm.
  • hm Women frequently will stop at a counter in the store, examine an article and then exclaim: Hm-m-$6.74 for that!
  • mp Daniel Jones (26 September 1908 – 19 February 1985) was a British Labour Party politician, and Member of Parliament (MP) for Burnley from 1959 to 1983.
  • nm Disputes - international: Rockall continental shelf dispute involving Denmark, Iceland, and the UK (Ireland and the UK have signed a boundary agreement in the Rockall area) remains dormant; dispute with Denmark over the Faroe Islands' fisheries median line boundary within 200 nm; disputes with Denmark, the UK, and Ireland over the Faroe Islands continental shelf boundary outside 200 nm
  • pc In 1991, PC Format placed Eye of the Beholder on its list of the 50 best computer games of all time.
  • pd ( Pd)^2P ( Pd)P^2 ---- + ---- = 0, ( Pd)x^2 ( Pd)y^2
  • pi Ellis gazed ruefully into the mess of pi, and kicked absently at the hell-box.
  • pms February 21, 2008 - PMs Huge Auto X Prize Team Tests Geo Metro, Set to Buy Off-the-Shelf Plug-In Parts - "In our last update, we announced that the Cornell team had selected a Geo Metro as our mule car for the Automotive X-Prize.
  • pom However, the Academic Senate of the Angelicum in its May 2011 meeting indicated that for the Licentiate and Doctorate a black biretta may be used with colored piping and pom to follow the color of the faculty.
  • pr GLADE, ger. to gladden, cheer, T. i. 734; E 1174; v. 3. 563; R. 498; B 4001, F 968, G 598; Gladen, ger. to console, A 2837; to rejoice, 5. 687; Gladde, v. relieve, 3. 702; Gladeth, pr. s. pleases, cheers, E 1107, F 609; pr. pl. refl.
  • ps 14. The parallel passages, Ps.
  • pu "En mon coeur, tendre reliquaire, J'avais garde ton souvenir; Par lui le long de mon calvaire En esperant, j'ai pu souffrir!"
  • rpm
  • wpm
  • I'm I'm with him all the time."
  • M M. Lemeunier took Mme.
  • P 333. 2872 Goehler, p.
  • Pam Pam, in like case, would have faced the whole family, successfully broken her engagement, protected her own secret, and done her hiding afterwards, but she was too wise to say so.
  • Om G. assayde; G. om. not. 4549.
  • PW
  • PPM Barium perchlorate is also used for the determination of small concentrations (down to 10 ppm, with an accuracy of +/- 1 ppm) of sulfate.
  • PG Alresford, 35, 38; New, cloth frade at, 39;=> Alresford, 35, 38; New, cloth trade at, 39; {pg 217}
  • PP 2, February 1965, pp.
  • AM I am not going to Mr. Thorpe's house.
  • WM
  • PYM
  • unnotable
  • unmarkedly

4 words made from the letters 55pm

3 letter words made from 55pm:

p55, m55, 5pm, mp5.

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