Correct spelling for 6YRSAGO

We think the word 6yrsago is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 6yrsago

  • corsage He has neglected to purchase the customary bouquet for his intended and has offered his seat to the lady, who is standing, in exchange for her corsage bouquet.
  • dosage Once the apparatus is working, no further attention is required, except for the regulation of the dosage in the manual control types, until the cylinders are replaced.
  • osage Obviously the osage orange, like honey locust became established in the forests when the stands were more open, probably after cutting of the large trees.
  • presage So he had despatched his men on this silencing errand, and now, as the sun was dipping over the hills, all red with the presage of a frosty night, Chance Dalton and his men came riding in sight of Macdonald's little nest of buildings fronting the road by the river.
  • rag And as the dollies by this time were all asleep, Raggedy Ann pulled the sheet up to her chin and smiled so hard she ripped two stitches out of the back of her rag head.
  • rage Philander wheeled in rage.
  • rasp He bided his time until one stormy night when wind and rain drove the bloodhound within the shelter of the guard tent and, thrashing through the branches of the oaks and flapping the canvas of the big tent, drowned out to all ears but his own the rasp of a file on steel.
  • razor "That," you reply, with a sigh of relief, "is a razor.
  • rig In this rig-in-miniature sat Johnny English, a broad grin on his face.
  • riga On September 10, 1918, a consular report received in Washington stated that the German Government had finally completed a plan for dividing the Baltic provinces of the former Russian empire into administrative districts, all to constitute a single military administration of the Baltic provinces, with headquarters in Riga.
  • rigor I demand as stated formerly full rigor of the law.
  • risk I have a job to do, and a risk to run.
  • rosa And surely this was no other than my dear doll Rosa-the beloved companion of five years of my youth, whose hair I wore in a locket after I was grown up.
  • rug She threw the rug on the blaze, and put it out.
  • rusk It was agreed that the grounds and gardens should be let, but not the house, of which Mrs. Rusk was to take the care.
  • sac "That must be a cul-de-sac," he said, and turned to the eager-eyed chauffeur.
  • sacco Burri offered an initial view of these peculiar elements in 1949, with SZ1 (acronym for Sacco di Zucchero 1 meaning Sack of Sugar, 1): the presence of a portion of the american flag contained in the artwork anticipated the use of the same subject made by pop art.
  • sag [41] T represents the tension on the tight part, and t on the sag part of the belt.
  • saga The omission of the princesses in Beowulf and the Grettis Saga is fundamental.
  • sage This sage advice had been jeered down by Diamond Snake's followers.
  • sago
  • usage
  • visage
  • Rang He yawned, glanced at the sun, and rang for his breakfast.
  • Syriac
  • Roscoe I hope you are well, Roscoe?
  • Reg "Where has he gone now?" said Reg, still fingering the revolver.
  • Russo From the point of view of the railway and the road haul of supplies, our lines of communication have been longer than those in the Russo-Japanese War.
  • Sarge
  • Rages No controversy rages round him; he has marched unchallenged to the highest place in men's regard.
  • rugs Near sundown we spread a large tarpaulin on the ground to lay our blankets, rugs, etc.
  • rags "Now tell me about those rags, Lightfoot.
  • RS He was worth nearly Rs.
  • RCA Amalgamated 17 October 1954 with the 75th (British Columbia) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA, the 120th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery, RCA, and the 8th Anti-Aircraft Operations Room, RCA 8th Anti-Aircraft Operations Room, RCA Originated 15 December 1936 in Esquimalt, British Columbia as the 17th Fortress Company, RCE Converted 1 March 1939 to artillery and redesignated as the 17th Searchlight Battery, RCA (Coastal Defence) Redesignated 7 November 1940 as the 17th (Reserve) Searchlight Battery, RCA (CD) Redesignated 1 April 1946 as the 8th Anti-Aircraft Gun Operations Room, RCA Redesignated 30 June 1951 as the 8th Anti-Aircraft Operations Room, RCA Amalgamated 17 October 1954 with the 5th (British Columbia) Coast Regiment, RCA, the 75th (British Columbia) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA, and the 120th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery, RCA
  • RSI Formation of the Black Brigades was sanctioned by a Fascist Republican Party decree issued personally by Benito Mussolini, head of PFR and of the RSI government, dated 30 June 1944, stating that all existing fascist armed units were to be enlisted into a military organization called Corpo Ausiliario delle Squadre dAzione di Camicie Nere, and that every local Federation of the PFR (there was one in every Italian province) had to raise a military unit drafting personnel from its members.
  • RIGS "But I'm not staying to tea," cried the unhappy owner of The Rigs.
  • YRS
  • RAGA Ah vi, dietuski, Moi batiuski Atapritessia Atamknitessia; Vasha mat prishla Malaka priniesla Polni baka malaka, Polni raga tvaraga Polni kopitzi vaditzi.
  • ragas This is a list of ragas in Hindustani classical music.
  • sager
  • ragga It gained fame from the 1980s onwards when four bars (6 seconds) sampled from the drum-solo (or imitations thereof) became very widely used as sampled drum loops in breakbeat, hip hop, breakbeat hardcore, hardcore techno and breakcore, drum and bass (including oldschool jungle and ragga jungle), and digital hardcore music.
  • saggy

63 words made from the letters 6yrsago

3 letter words made from 6yrsago:

gar, ago, gay, ayr, rg6, goa, gas, gsr, oar, soy, ray, oas, rag, say, goy, sag, rya, ras.

5 letter words made from 6yrsago:

argos, yaros, yogas, rsaog, agros, garos, yorga, gyros, goary, sagor, goyas, goras, rayos.

4 letter words made from 6yrsago:

yaro, sago, gary, rayo, soya, rosa, aygo, ogry, argo, ryas, gas6, rags, soar, rosy, orgy, orga, gyro, gray, rago, saor, yoga, roga, soay, yrsa, syro, yorg, roys, gayo, goya, goas, gory, gyor.

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