Correct spelling for 8AM

We think the word 8am is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 8am

  • aa And may aa live to see 't!
  • ab We have already seen the opinion of John Major, the sixteenth-century Scottish historian and theologian, who had lived much in France, and could write of his native country from an ab extra stand-point, that the Highlanders speak Irish and are less respectable than the other Scots; and his opinion was shared by two foreign observers, Pedro de Ayala and Polydore Vergil.
  • abm The STBC-Centenary Baptist Church is a Protestant Church in the city of Secunderabad, India which was established in the year 1875 by the Protestant missions led by the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society (ABM) and was later led by the Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches (STBC) through the Deccan Association.
  • ac Habendum tenendum et gaudendum predicta mesuagia, molendina, terras, tenementa, decimas, prata, pascua, pasturus communas, boscos, subboscos, redditus, reversiones, servicia ac cetera omnia et singula premissa cum pertinenciis prefatis modernis Gubernatoribus possessionum revencionum et bonorum dicte Libere Scole grammaticalis, et successoribus suis imperpetuum.
  • ai Make haste," and receiving all their store, Ai Powlo fled into another province.
  • aim I know my wish and my aim; I have undertaken a truly noble task.
  • ak [AK] Nuneaton was only two miles from his home at Drayton, but he seems not to have stopped for a visit.
  • amp A guitar amplifier (or amp) is an electronic device or system that strengthens the weak electrical signal from a pickup on an electric guitar, bass guitar, or acoustic guitar so that it can produce sound through one or more loudspeakers, which are typically housed in a wooden cabinet.
  • an What an idea, Warrington Calcraft!
  • arm Had we not better arm the other Kroomen?
  • atm In some banking networks, the two functions of ATM cards and debit cards are combined into a single card, simply called a "debit card" or also commonly a "bank card".
  • cam I kenna hoo I cam to du 't.
  • dam While the engagement at Beaver Dam Creek was still in progress vast clouds of dust, rising above the forests to the north-west and north, had betrayed the approach of Jackson, and the reports of the cavalry left no doubt that he was threatening the Federal rear.
  • em But hev 'em got the law ov un, or hevn't em?"
  • ham Her ladyship sat, superbly composed, looking out through the window at the placid landscape of woods and fields which surrounded Ham Farm.
  • jam The Grand Canyon he dug in my jar of jam, however, could not have been accomplished by legerdemain.
  • lam "Come home, now," he cried, "an' stop yer jawin', er I'll lam the everlasting head off yehs."
  • ma "I hev it, ma!
  • mam A long silence followed, then the eyes suddenly brightened: "Yes, mam."
  • ram "Well, maybe he did," said the farmer, "but I guess a dog like Splash can run faster than a ram.
  • sam Sam had spoken the truth.
  • sm =juncina=, W. G. Sm. P. 3-4 cm. hemispher.
  • tam But in Tam o' Shanter he had let loose his powers upon the materials of past experiences, and out of them he shaped a tale which was a pure imaginative creation.
  • yam
  • Amy The noise did not wake Amy, and a moment's thought showed Helen the wisdom of keeping her in ignorance of this affair.
  • I'm "Wal, I'm comin'; d'ye think I'm afraid, durn yur?
  • M 361, 1. M. Aurel.
  • Nam They were just grabbing people for Nam when I got out.
  • Pam Anything personal meant, Pam?
  • Amt Lössel had left the Amt in 1920 already, and thus did not receive a coat of arms at that time either.
  • Om Happily, Vasudeva's face was smiling, he bent over to Siddhartha and spoke the holy Om into his ear.
  • Ama Until the end of the 2009 Bike Week season, the stadium hosted the AMA Flat Track motorcycle championships during Daytona Beach Bike Week.
  • AF Look out for the bone, therefore, between the points CD and AF.
  • UM " Um-m," muttered Cornish, and walked on.
  • ADM Similarly, the total mass inside a sphere containing a black hole can be found by using the gravitational analog of Gausss law, the ADM mass, far away from the black hole.
  • AM I am going on a long voyage!
  • unamazing
  • unnotable

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