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Possible correct spellings for 9no

  • co As a general rule he slept like a top, after a night on duty, but on this occasion he could not close an eye, being far too uneasy about the consequences of his co-operation in Gurn's escape.
  • io The people of Egypt were kind to Io, and gave her a home in their sunny land; and by and by the king of Egypt asked her to be his wife, and made her his queen; and she lived a long and happy life in his marble palace on the bank of the Nile.
  • ko When it was offered to him, this brave young Indian declared that he was not nearly so wise or fit to become a ruler as his friend Ta-lah-lo-ko, who, though younger in years than he, was so much older in wisdom that his equal did not exist in all the land.
  • mo Gilpin's home was at Independence, Mo.
  • na " Na, I reckon no!
  • nd election results: percent of vote by party - PASOK 43.9%, ND 33.5%, KKE 7.5%, LAOS 5.6%, SYRIZA 4.6%, other 4.9%; seats by party - PASOK 160, ND 91, KKE 21, LAOS 15, SYRIZA 13
  • ne "Petit beau bouton A perde ses moutons, Il ne sais pas que les a pris.
  • nh 18th Field Artillery Brigade, artillery brigade of XVIII Airborne Corps 75th Field Artillery Brigade, artillery brigade of III Corps 210th Field Artillery Brigade, artillery brigade of Eighth United States Army National Guard artillery brigades: 45th Fires Brigade (OK ARNG) 65th Fires Brigade (UT ARNG) 115th Fires Brigade (WY ARNG) 130th Fires Brigade (KS ARNG) 138th Fires Brigade (KY ARNG) 142nd Fires Brigade (AR ARNG) 169th Fires Brigade (CO ARNG) 197th Fires Brigade (NH ARNG) Former artillery brigades: 41st Fires Brigade, reflagged to 1st Cavalry Division Artillery 42nd Fires Brigade, reflagged to 3rd Infantry Division Artillery 212th Fires Brigade, reflagged to 1st Armored Division Artillery 214th Fires Brigade, reflagged to 4th Infantry Division Artillery
  • ni Le jubile approche, et vous n'avez ni provisions, ni vivres; les etrangers...
  • nj The bridge was built by both the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) when the PTC completed the "Delaware River Extension" of the Pennsylvania Turnpike between Valley Forge and Bristol Township in 1955, while the NJTA built the 118-mile (190 km) NJ Turnpike between Penns Grove and Ridgefield Park between 1950 and 1952.
  • nm Denmark territorial sea: 12 nm exclusive economic zone: 200 nm continental shelf: 200-m depth or to the depth of exploitation
  • nob There they were, of every age and sex; some asleep with Welsh wigs and red pocket-handkerchiefs screening their heads from cold, and their ears as well as might be from uproar; some were endeavouring to read by the light of mutton candles, with wicks like a light infantry feather, with a nob at the head; others, with their heads bent down together, were confidentially exchanging the secrets of the last market; while here and there were scattered about little convivial knots of jolly souls, whose noisy fun and loud laughter indicated but slight respect for their drowsy neighbours.
  • nod "Just a nod when we pass.
  • not And he did not tell you why he wanted it?
  • nov 487 3 Jummanoo 4362 Nov 60.4 50.0 10.4 .
  • now "And now I'll go!
  • np Approximation algorithms as a research area is closely related to and informed by inapproximability theory where the non-existence of efficient algorithms with certain approximation ratios is proved (conditioned on widely believed hypotheses such as the P ≠ NP conjecture) by means of reductions.
  • nt Anser canagicus (Sevastianov 1802) (emperor goose) NT Anser rossii Cassin 1861 (Rosss goose) LC Anser caerulescens (Linnaeus 1758) (snow goose) LC A.
  • nu " Nu, Belz," she said, "ain't you going to congradulate me?"
  • nw Madagascar chief of mission: Ambassador Jocelyn Bertin RADIFERA chancery: 2374 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008 telephone: [1] (202) 265-5525 through 5526 FAX: [1] (202) 265-3034 consulate(s) general: Los Angeles, New York
  • ny chancery: 800 2nd Avenue, Suite 400 D, New York, NY 10017
  • on You are sure to get on, Mr. Treherne.
  • ono The Best of Delaney & Bonnie (Rhino, 1990) Bonnie Bramlett: Sweet Bonnie Bramlett (Columbia, 1973) Its Time (Capricorn, 1975) Ladys Choice (Capricorn, 1976) Memories (Capricorn, 1978) Step by Step (Refuge/Benson, 1981) Im Still the Same (Audium/Koch, 2002) It's Time/Ladys Choice (Raven, 2004), reissue of 2 LPs on 1 CD Roots, Blues & Jazz (Zoho, 2006) Beautiful (Rockin Camel, 2008) Piece of My Heart: The Best of 1969–1978 (Raven, 2008) I Can Laugh About It Now (Music Avenue, 2009), reissue of Roots, Blues & Jazz Participation ; Some Time in New York City from John Lennon, Yoko Ono & Elephants Memory.
  • Jo Quang went back to his baskets again, but Jo followed.
  • N N.E., by Malaucene 10 m.
  • Non It occurred to me that this was the first known time in history a human being had addressed a non-human intelligence.
  • Nor Nor my wife's jewels either.
  • Noe 3. That noe person dwelling in a house infected bee suffered to goe abroade unless they carry with them a white wand of a yarde long.
  • NS The second Arctic Inspiration Prize ceremony was held in Halifax, NS, Canada, on 11 December 2013.
  • NR Photosmart 7525 e-All-in-One Printer Photosmart 7550 Photosmart 7660 Photosmart 7760 Photosmart 7960 Photosmart 8049/8050 Photosmart 8150 (Introduced in 2004) Photosmart 8450 Photosmart 8750 Photosmart A310 Photosmart A510 series Photosmart A610 series Photosmart A710 Photosmart C3180 Photosmart C4180 Photosmart C4280 Photosmart C4380 Photosmart C4480 Photosmart C4580 Photosmart C4680 Photosmart C4780 Photosmart C4795 Photosmart C5180 Photosmart C5280 Photosmart C5380 Photosmart C6180 All-in-One Printer Photosmart C6280 Photosmart C7180 Photosmart C7280 Photosmart C7288 Photosmart C8180 Photosmart D7560 Photosmart eStation e-All-in-One Printer – C510a Photo Kiosk that prints 4x6 prints in seconds Photo Kiosk that creates greeting cardsposters and calendars Photosmart p1000 Photosmart p1100 / p1100xi Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One Printer – B210a Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer – C310a Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One Printer – C410a Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer – B110a Further information: HP Photosmart Further information: Multifunction printer Further information: HP Deskjet Designjet Printers (Current Line: November 2014) Office Printers for CAD and GIS Designjet T120 Designjet T520 Designjet T790ps Designjet T795 Designjet T920 Designjet T920ps Designjet T1300ps Designjet T1500 Designjet T1500ps Designjet T1700 Designjet T2500 eMFP Graphics Printers Designjet Z2100 Designjet Z3200 Designjet Z3200ps Designjet Z5200ps Designjet Z5400ps Designjet Z6200 Scanners Designjet HD Pro Scanner Designjet HD Scanner Designjet SD Pro Scanner Production Printers Designjet T3500 eMFP Designjet T7200 Designjet Z6600 Designjet Z6800 Discontinued models Designjet 10ps Designjet 20ps Designjet 30 Designjet 50ps Designjet 70 Designjet 90 Designjet 90gp Designjet 90r Designjet 100 Designjet 100plus Designjet 110plus Designjet 110plus nr Designjet 111 Designjet 120 Designjet 130 Designjet 130gp Designjet 130nr Designjet 200 Designjet 250C Designjet 330 Designjet 350C Designjet 430 Designjet 450C Designjet 455c Designjet 500 Designjet 510 Designjet 600 Designjet 650C Designjet 750 Designjet 750c Designjet 755CM Designjet 800 Designjet 800ps Designjet 815mfp Designjet 820 MFP Designjet 1050C Designjet 1055CM Designjet 1050c Plus Designjet 1055 cm Plus Designjet 2000CP Designjet 2500CP Designjet 2800CP Designjet 3000CP Designjet 3500CP Designjet 3800CP Designjet 4000 Designjet 4000PS Designjet 4200 Scanner Designjet 4500 Designjet 4500ps Designjet 4500mfp Designjet 4500 Scanner Designjet 5000 Designjet 5100 (Asia Pacific Only) Designjet 5000ps Designjet 5500 Designjet 5500ps Designjet 8000sr Designjet 9000s Designjet 9000sf Designjet 10000s Designjet L25500 Designjet L65500 Designjet T610 Designjet T790 Designjet T1100 Designjet T1100ps Designjet T1100mfp Designjet T1200 Designjet T1300 Designjet T2300 eMFP Designjet T7100 Designjet Z3100 Designjet Z3100ps Designjet Z3100ps GP Designjet Z6100 Designjet Z6100ps HP Indigo Digital Presses (Current Line: November 2014) Commercial Digital Press Indigo 5000 Digital Press series Indigo 6800 Digital Press Indigo 7500 Digital Press Indigo 7600 Digital Press Indigo W7250 Digital Press Industrial Digital Press Indigo 10000 Digital Press Indigo 20000 Digital Press Indigo 30000 Digital Press Indigo W7250 Digital Press HP Inkjet Digital Web Press (Current Line: November 2014) Inkjet Digital Web Press T300 Inkjet Web Press series HP Latex Printers Current Line: (June 2015) Low-volume Latex Printers HP Latex 280 Printer HP Latex 310 Printer HP Latex 330 Printer HP Latex 360 Printer HP Latex 370 Printer Mid to High-volume Latex Printers HP Latex 3000 Printer HP Latex 3100 Printer HP Latex 3500 Printer HP Latex 820 Printer HP Latex 850 Printer HP Scitex Large Format Printers Current Line: (June 2015) Industrial Presses Scitex 15000 Corrugated Press Scitex FB10000 Industrial Press series Scitex FB7600 Industrial Press Scitex TURBOjet Industrial Press series Industrial Printers Scitex FB550 Industrial Printer Scitex FB750 Industrial Printer Scitex XP2500 Industrial Printer Scitex XP2750 Industrial Printer Scitex XP5100 Industrial Printer Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer Network Print Servers Current Line: (November 2014) External Print Servers 1200w NFC/Wireless Mobile Print Accessory Jetdirect 2800w NFC/Wireless Direct Accessory Jetdirect 300x Print Server series Internal Print Servers Jetdirect 620n Print Server series Jetdirect 640n Print Server series Wireless Print Servers Jetdirect 2700w USB Wireless Print Server Jetdirect 695nw Print Server series Wi-Fi/Fast Ethernet Combination Print Servers Printer Notes: In HP printers introduced since ca 2006, alpha codes indicate product groupings and optional features, thus for example: * Lead alpha codes: A – HP Photosmart Axxx Compact/Portable photo printer B – HP Photosmart Pro Bxxxx photo printer C – HP Photosmart Cxxxx All-in-One photo printer CM – HP Color LaserJet CMxxxx Multifunction printer CP – HP Color LaserJet CPxxxx printer D – HP Deskjet Dxxxx printer D – HP Photosmart Dxxxx Single Function photo printer F – HP Deskjet Fxxx All-in-One printer G – HP Scanjet Gxxxx photo/flatbed scanner K – HP Officejet Pro Kxxx color printer M – HP Mono LaserJet Mxxxx Multifunction printer N – HP Scanjet Nxxxx document/professional image scanner P – HP Mono LaserJet Pxxxx printer * Trailing alpha description codes: aio – All in One d – Duplex eMFP – Electronic Multi Function Printer h – Hard disk l – Light use mfp – Multi Function Printer n – Network s – Stacker sk – Stapler & stacker t – Extra tray tn – Tray and networking x – Duplex, extra tray, and network (formerly dtn) xs – Duplex, extra tray, network and stacker xsk – Duplex, extra tray, network and stapler / stacker
  • NF Chesterton co-founded the National Front (NF) in 1967, and later became its Policy Director.
  • NOS The young "brood" are shown at Nos.
  • BO "It's a good morning for it, bo.
  • NCO The rank and file of the Finnish Defence Forces is composed of conscripts serving in the ranks of private, lance corporal and NCO student.

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