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Possible correct spellings for a10

  • aa US diplomatic representation: chief of mission: Ambassador Donna Jean HRINAK embassy: corner of Calle Cesar Nicolas Penson and Calle Leopoldo Navarro, Santo Domingo mailing address: Unit 5500, APO AA 34041 telephone: [1] (809) 221-2171, 221-8100 FAX: [1] (809) 686-7437
  • ab Invenit abusum capelle et ab ipsa denominatus est: ab ordine recedens factus leprosus laqueo ut Judas se suspendit.
  • ac At the same time the Jesuits, devoted by their founder in blind obedience-perinde ac cadaver-to the service of the Papacy, penetrated Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and the transatlantic colonies.
  • ag International organization participation: AfDB, AG (observer), AsDB, C, CCC, CP, ESCAP, FAO, G- 6, G-15, G-19, G-24, G-77, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICC, ICFTU, ICRM, IDA, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, ILO, IMF, IMO, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Interpol, IOC, IOM (observer), ISO, ITU, NAM, OAS (observer), PCA, SAARC, UN, UNAMIR, UNAVEM III, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNIDO, UNIKOM, UNITAR, UNMIH, UNOMIL, UNU, UPU, WFTU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTrO
  • ai A whimpering first, then Robin's cheer, Then the Ai Ai Ai; they were all too near; His swerve had brought but a minute's rest, Now he ran again, and he ran his best.
  • ak Andreaea frigida - Europe Andreaea fuegiana - Tierra del Fuego, Poland Andreaea gainii - Antarctica Andreaea gibbosa - New Zealand Andreaea grimmioides - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea grimsulana - New Zealand Andreaea hamulata - Brazil Andreaea hartmanii - Alaska, Siberia, Scandinavia Andreaea heinemannii - United States (AK OR CA CO), Canada (BC YT), Europe, Asia, Canary, Kerguelen, Madeira Andreaea huttonii - New Zealand Andreaea indica - India Andreaea javanica - Java Andreaea karsteniana - high Andes Andreaea kilimandscharica - Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda Andreaea kinabaluensis - Sabah Andreaea laticuspis - Bolivia Andreaea latinervis - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea laxifolia - Hermite Is, Falkland Is, Campbell I, Auckland Is Andreaea leiophylla - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea lorentziana - Antarctica, Patagonia Andreaea marginata - Hermite Is, Kerguelen Andreaea megistospora - AK BC WA UK Ireland Norway Andreaea microphylla - Minas Gerais Andreaea microvaginata - Australia Andreaea mildbraedii - central Africa Andreaea mitchellii - New Zealand Andreaea morrisonensis - China Andreaea mutabilis - Falkland IS, Campbell I, Auckland Is, Argentina, BC Andreaea nana - Bismarck Is Andreaea naumannii - Bismarck Is Andreaea nitida - Auckland Is Andreaea nivalis - Greenland, Canada (NL YT BC), United States (AK WA OR CA), Europe, Russia, Japan Andreaea novae-zealandiae - New Zealand Andreaea novoguinensis - Papua New Guinea Andreaea obovata - Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Central Africa Andreaea obtusissima - New Zealand Andreaea opaca - Europe Andreaea pachyphylla - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea parallela - Bismarck Is Andreaea patagonica - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea peruviana - Peru Andreaea pilifera - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea planinervia - Europe Andreaea pseudomutabilis - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea purpurascens - Europe Andreaea regularis - Antarctica, South Georgia, Bolivia Andreaea remotifolia - Antarctica Andreaea rigida - India Andreaea robusta - Bolivia Andreaea rothii - Europe, North America Andreaea rupestris - Europe, Greenland, Alaska, Canada (Nun Que) Andreaea schofieldiana - CA BC Andreaea semisquarrosa - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea seriata - Europe Andreaea sinuosa - Europe BC Alaska Andreaea sparsifolia - Scandinavia Andreaea spurioalpina - Rio de Janeiro Andreaea squamata - Bismarck Is Andreaea squarrifolia - Tristan da Cunha Andreaea squarrosa - Bolivia Andreaea squarrosofiliformis - Minas Gerais Andreaea striata - Bolivia, Brazil Andreaea subappendiculata - Bismarck Is Andreaea subremotifolia - Antarctica Andreaea subulata - Hermite Is, Falkland Is Andreaea taiwanensis - Taiwan Andreaea tsaratananae - Madagascar, Réunion Andreaea tunariensis - Bolivia Andreaea turgescens - Costa Rica Andreaea urophylla - Ecuador Andreaea vaginalis - Antarctica Andreaea vilocensis - Bolivia Andreaea viridis - Antarctica Andreaea vulcanica Andreaea wangiana - Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet Andreaea willii - South Georgia Andreaea wilsonii - Campbell I, Auckland Is
  • al Lone would have preferred a chat with some one else, for this was a sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued man; but Al Woodruff stayed at the ranch and would know all the news, and even though he might give it an ill-natured twist, Lone would at least know what was going on.
  • an You are an Englishman?
  • ar Whereupon the Dutchman marches to the front of the porch, and in wrathful style, with the brushes uplifted in his hand, he addresses the assembled crowd: 'He-ar!
  • as Not as yet, mademoiselle.
  • at Duncombe looked at him in astonishment.
  • au His mother never mentioned the matter to him; indeed, she shunned all mention, when possible, of Champ-au-Haut and its owner.
  • av I've been parleyin' wid a fello' named 'Firebrand' Trevison, an' I'm that soaked wid perspiration that me boots is full av it, after me thryin' to urge him to be dacently careful wid his gun!"
  • ax The flint ax was used to shape wood and bone and was just strong enough to fell a tree, although the process was very slow.
  • az The more exalted our stashun, the more conspikuous our virtews, just az a ritch setting adds to the brilliancy ov a jewel.
  • ba The presence of Co-al-by seemed to be a check upon the chearful temper of Ba-na-lang, which inclined us to think that he paid a kind of deference to him; he was always very silent in his company.
  • ca 1860 - Griswold Variety L. Griswold, New York, ca.
  • da The motto that the Order had inscribed upon its banner, "Non nobis, Domine, sed nomini tuo da gloriam," was likewise forgotten, for, their faith waxing cold, they gave themselves up to pride and ostentation.
  • ea Quod hactenus auribus, in hoc capite percipitur pene oculis intuentibus: nam huic adjuncta est mappa Britanniae artificialiter depicta, quae omnia loca cet. evidenter exprimit, ut ex ea cunctarum regionum incolas dignoscere detur.
  • ga Blind luck-or the power of the ga-n?
  • ha There, my Girl, there's the Hundred Pound which thou hast won, go, I'll be with you presently, Ha, ha, ha, ha.
  • ia COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA. 522 Broadway WILLIAM B. City Ticket Agent RICHARDS
  • la "Yes, to-night," replied la Peyrade, "unless I don't find him at home now."
  • Ah Ah, I have been waiting long.
  • S The last was a S; Swubble I named him.
  • AF ↑ "Stor ombygning af Aarhus H Fremrykkes".
  • AP Ap. Ztg. to pour crude hydrochloric acid upon the hectograph, rub with a wad of cotton, then wash off by holding under cold running water and drying with a cloth.
  • AW But as fer this 'ere preacher-" " Aw, go on wid yer preacher an' yer hull outfit!
  • AM "I am sorry," the Contessa answered.
  • unamazing

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