What is the correct spelling for A11?

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Correct spelling for A11

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Possible correct spellings for a11

  • aa mailing address: Carrera 45 #22D-45, Bogota, D. C., APO AA 34038
  • ab Which one of those suits contained the body of Ab Karpin?
  • ac Philo, in Vita Moysis: Illa lingua ac character quo antiquitus scripta est lex sic permansit usque ad LXX.
  • ag So when we hit town, Ag sails into the Palace Dance Emporium, where they had the games running in the middle of the place between the lunch counter and the bar. He had nerve, had Agamemnon G. Jones.
  • ai Patience, je n'en ai pas quand je suis si pres et si loin de vous.
  • ak Andreaea latinervis - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea laxifolia - Hermite Is, Falkland Is, Campbell I, Auckland Is Andreaea leiophylla - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea lorentziana - Antarctica, Patagonia Andreaea marginata - Hermite Is, Kerguelen Andreaea megistospora - AK BC WA UK Ireland Norway Andreaea microphylla - Minas Gerais Andreaea microvaginata - Australia Andreaea mildbraedii - central Africa Andreaea mitchellii - New Zealand Andreaea morrisonensis - China Andreaea mutabilis - Falkland IS, Campbell I, Auckland Is, Argentina, BC Andreaea nana - Bismarck Is Andreaea naumannii - Bismarck Is Andreaea nitida - Auckland Is Andreaea nivalis - Greenland, Canada (NL YT BC), United States (AK WA OR CA), Europe, Russia, Japan Andreaea novae-zealandiae - New Zealand Andreaea novoguinensis - Papua New Guinea Andreaea obovata - Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Central Africa Andreaea obtusissima - New Zealand Andreaea opaca - Europe Andreaea pachyphylla - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea parallela - Bismarck Is Andreaea patagonica - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea peruviana - Peru Andreaea pilifera - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea planinervia - Europe Andreaea pseudomutabilis - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea purpurascens - Europe Andreaea regularis - Antarctica, South Georgia, Bolivia Andreaea remotifolia - Antarctica Andreaea rigida - India Andreaea robusta - Bolivia Andreaea rothii - Europe, North America Andreaea rupestris - Europe, Greenland, Alaska, Canada (Nun Que) Andreaea schofieldiana - CA BC Andreaea semisquarrosa - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea seriata - Europe Andreaea sinuosa - Europe BC Alaska Andreaea sparsifolia - Scandinavia Andreaea spurioalpina - Rio de Janeiro Andreaea squamata - Bismarck Is Andreaea squarrifolia - Tristan da Cunha Andreaea squarrosa - Bolivia Andreaea squarrosofiliformis - Minas Gerais Andreaea striata - Bolivia, Brazil Andreaea subappendiculata - Bismarck Is Andreaea subremotifolia - Antarctica Andreaea subulata - Hermite Is, Falkland Is Andreaea taiwanensis - Taiwan Andreaea tsaratananae - Madagascar, Réunion Andreaea tunariensis - Bolivia Andreaea turgescens - Costa Rica Andreaea urophylla - Ecuador Andreaea vaginalis - Antarctica Andreaea vilocensis - Bolivia Andreaea viridis - Antarctica Andreaea vulcanica Andreaea wangiana - Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet Andreaea willii - South Georgia Andreaea wilsonii - Campbell I, Auckland Is
  • al Up on the ridge nearest the house Al Woodruff shifted his position so that he could watch her go.
  • an "I have just an hour, dear.
  • ar But as the root of erfidhi seems to be ar, our first explanation is the more plausible.
  • as It is impossible, as it is.
  • at He looked at her furtively.
  • au Le Chevalier au Cygne is a title applied directly to a somewhat late version of an old folk-tale, and more generally to a series of poems connected with the House of Bouillon and the Crusades.
  • av Go 'long wid ye-ye're a domned hold-up man, like all the rist av thim!
  • ax You go an' ax huh ag'in.
  • az I asked him hiz opinyun ov gin and milk az a fertilizer.
  • ba 42. Ni-ni'-ba Pipe Omaha.
  • ca 1872 Victor Sewing Machine ca.
  • da 4. A smaller one, painted for Paolo da Terra Rossa; a fine painting, for which the artist asked so small a price that the purchaser was ashamed to pay it.
  • ea The worship of Amon had been the means of introducing that of Ea and of Horus, and Osiris as lord of the dead, while Phtah, Sokhit, Atumu, and the Memphite and Heliopolitan gods were worshipped only in isolated parts of the province.
  • ga Letter from Mrs. A. L. Rucker, Atlanta, Ga., daughter of Mr. Long.
  • ha Pray Heaven that this be Don Diego-If I shou'd be trick'd now- Ha!
  • ia I. Fuyuge na, nani nu, nuni u, uni di, dini yi, yini tu, tuni Kambisa na nu u - - ha-ru Sikube na-nio nu-ni - - - - Kabana nau - - - - - II. Afoa na nu-i ome - - - Tauata na, nai nu, nu-i ome, ome-i nane, nane-i nune, nunei ote, ote-i III. Kovio na ni pi - - - Oru-Lopiko na, naro ni, niro pi, piro dae, daro ali, alero valo, valoro West Toaripi ara-o a-o are-o ela-o e-o ere-o Namau na-i ni-i u ene-i noro oro Kiwai mo ro nou nimo nigo nei North-east, Binandele na imo owa kaena, nakare imomae owawa East, Koita da a au no yai yau South-east, Mailu ia ga noa gea aea omoa
  • la The visitor advanced, and then came face to face with la Peyrade.
  • Ah Ah, you have been looking for it?
  • S Recollect that the distance from New Orleans to the head of the River is greater than from Halifax N. S., to Liverpool.
  • AF When he had retired and put AF online in 1997, his list already had 43,000 acronyms.
  • AP -- D. S. S. ba & ap. bk. Echin.
  • AW Aw see it as plain as aw see yon moors through th' window, only it's noan green and breet wi' sunshine-it's dark.
  • AM Besides, I am trembling all over.
  • unamazing

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