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How to spell ABALE correctly?

If "abale" is a misspelling, it is likely intended to be "able". To avoid confusion, one could suggest the correct spelling or usage of "able" in various contexts. Whether it refers to a person's capability, an object's functionality or a task's feasibility, "able" is the appropriate term.

List of suggestions on how to spell abale correctly

  • aba
  • abalone She ordered a plate of seafood that included freshly caught abalone.
  • abase It is not right to abase someone just so you can feel superior.
  • abate My headache started to abate after I took some pain killers.
  • abbe The abbe had long hair.
  • Abe After he finished his speech, Abe Lincoln was assassinated.
  • abel I have a new cat at home. His name is Abel.
  • ablate
  • ablaze The fire raged ablaze and rapidly spread to the rest of the building.
  • able It is not possible to paint a portrait of the artist who is not able to smile.
  • Abler The team's abler members stepped up to the plate and helped seal the victory.
  • ably She ably handled the situation.
  • ale He ordered a cold ale at the bar after work.
  • amble I was having a quiet amble around the park when I saw a group of ducks.
  • arable
  • bale After the harvest, the farmer collected the hay and made a bale for storage.
  • baler The farmer used the baler to compress the hay into tidy bales.
  • bali I've always wanted to go to Bali.
  • ball The children were playing with a ball in the park.
  • bile She had trouble sleeping after the bile vomiting incident.
  • bole The tree's strong bole supported its dense canopy of leaves.
  • cabal He was accused of being part of a secret cabal trying to overthrow the government.
  • cable
  • fable Many believe the fable to be a story of truth.
  • gable The gable ends in a point.
  • Mable
  • sable The coat is black, but the fur is sable.
  • table This room is definitely not enough for a table.

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