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How to spell ABEITING correctly?

If you meant "abeiting" but it's a misspelling, a correct suggestion could be "abetting". This term refers to actively assisting or encouraging someone to commit a crime or wrongdoing. Double-checking spellings helps ensure accurate communication, especially when it comes to legal matters where the term "abetting" might be relevant.

List of suggestions on how to spell abeiting correctly

  • abating The thunderstorm shows no signs of abating, and we might have to wait a while before we can leave the house.
  • Abetting The police arrested him on charges of abetting theft.
  • abiding He had an abiding love for his family that never wavered.
  • aborting The doctor advised against aborting the pregnancy as it could have serious consequences for the mother's health.
  • abutting The new building's window was abutting against the old one in a way that made it difficult to maintain privacy.
  • baiting He was accused of baiting his opponent during the debate by asking loaded questions.
  • beating
  • betting
  • biting She snapped her teeth together in frustration, the biting sound filling the quiet room.
  • Rabbiting John went rabbiting with his friends last weekend and caught three rabbits.

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