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How to spell ABIUSED correctly?

The correct spelling for the word "abiused" is "abused". This misspelling could be due to a simple typo or a lack of understanding of the correct spelling. To avoid future mistakes, it is advisable to double-check spellings before writing or use tools such as spell checkers.

List of suggestions on how to spell abiused correctly

  • Abased He felt abased when he realized he had made a big mistake in front of his colleagues.
  • abuse
  • abused She revealed that she had been emotionally and physically abused by her former partner.
  • abuser She was an abuser of her power.
  • abuses He abuses his power and uses it to control others.
  • accused The suspect was accused of stealing the valuable artwork from the museum.
  • amused I was amused by the clown's silly jokes.
  • aroused I was aroused when I saw his naked body.
  • biased The jury was biased against the defendant.

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