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How to spell ABONED correctly?

If you encountered the misspelling "aboned", there are a few possible correct suggestions. The correct spelling for the word is "abandoned". Double-check your spelling to avoid such errors or use a spell-check tool to ensure accurate writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell aboned correctly

  • Abased The prisoner felt abased after the guards humiliated him in front of the other inmates.
  • Abated The noise in the stadium abated as the game came to an end.
  • abed I was forced to sleep abed due to my illness.
  • Abner Abner is my neighbor's cat's name.
  • aboard I am excited to be aboard the cruise ship for my vacation.
  • abode
  • Aborted The mission was aborted due to severe weather conditions.
  • abound Opportunities for learning abound in this city, from museums and libraries to universities and cultural events.
  • Abounded The countryside abounded with wildflowers, creating a beautiful and colorful landscape.
  • abused The child was continuously abused by their parents, who refused to seek help or support.
  • adorned
  • Atoned The criminal atoned for his wrongdoings by serving his sentence in prison.
  • bond They have a strong bond of friendship that has lasted for many years.
  • boned She had boned the fish perfectly for the soup.
  • ironed
  • jawboned Billy had a jawboned cigar.
  • rawboned The cattle were rawboned and had to be handled with care.

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