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How to spell ABRASED correctly?

The correct spelling for "abrased" is "abraded". This refers to the process of rubbing or wearing away by friction. Other possible suggestions for the misspelling might include "abased", "aberrant" or "abreacted", depending on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell abrased correctly

  • Abased The dishonest actions of the politician abased his reputation among the public.
  • abrade My new shoes started to abrade after I wore them on this rough terrain.
  • abraded The surface of the car was abraded after it scraped against the wall.
  • abrades The rough surface of the sandpaper abrades the wood, removing any rough spots.
  • abused She finally spoke up about being physically and emotionally abused by her partner.
  • braced The fence was braced with metal bars.
  • braised I braised the beef in soy and sake until it was fully cooked.
  • Brazed The door was brazed together with solder.
  • Erased

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