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How to spell ABRAXIS correctly?

One possible correction for misspelling "Abraxis" is "Abraxas", a term used in Gnosticism to refer to a deity. Another correct spelling could be "Abraxus", which is a character in Herman Hesse's novel Demian. Always double-check spelling to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell Abraxis correctly

  • Abrades The grit in sandpaper abrades the surface of the wood, smoothing it out.
  • Abrams
  • Apraxia Apraxia is a neurological disorder that affects a person's ability to perform learned movements.
  • Apraxias Apraxias are a group of neurological disorders that affect a person's ability to perform purposeful movements.
  • Apraxic The apraxic patient had difficulty with coordinated movements such as dressing and using utensils.
  • Praxis The course included both theory and praxis components.

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