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How to spell ABREADGER correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "abreadger" instead of "abridged", fret not, as here are several suitable alternatives. You could consider using "shortened", "condensed" or "summarized" to accurately convey the desired meaning. Remember to double-check spellings before finalizing your text to avoid any confusion or errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell abreadger correctly

  • abrade My new pair of jeans started to abrade after several washes.
  • abraded After years of use, the surface of the wooden table had become abraded and worn out.
  • abrades When I fell off my bike, the rough pavement abrades my skin, leaving behind painful scrapes.
  • abreacted She abreacted her emotions through intense therapy.
  • abridge I read the abridged version of the novel because I didn't have time to read the full book.
  • abridged The professor handed out an abridged version of the textbook for the students to use as a reference.
  • abridges The shortened version of the book effectively abridges the original story.
  • acreage They purchased a large piece of acreage to build their dream home.
  • acreages The real estate agent showed us various properties with sprawling acreages for those who desired a spacious country lifestyle.
  • arranger The arranger was responsible for orchestrating the musical score for the film.
  • badger I saw a wild badger running across the field while hiking in the forest.
  • beadier Her eyes grew even beadier as she concentrated on the fine print of the contract.
  • bragger He always talks about his accomplishments, but nobody likes a bragger.
  • breaded I love the crispy texture of breaded chicken tenders.
  • breaker I had to call an electrician to fix the circuit breaker in my house.
  • breather After running for miles, he stopped to catch his breath and take a much-needed breather.
  • breeder The cat breeder had a long waiting list of potential buyers for her prized purebred kittens.
  • Bridger James Bridger was a famous American fur trader and mountain man.
  • broader She decided to take a broader approach to solving the problem.
  • dredger The dredger is used to clear silt and debris from the bottom of the river.
  • KOReader KOReader is an open-source e-book reader that supports a wide range of file formats.
  • reader The avid reader devoured the novel in just one sitting.
  • readier I'm even readier to tackle the challenge after completing extensive training.
  • spreader The use of a mask significantly reduces the risk of becoming a COVID-19 spreader.
  • threader I bought a new sewing machine that came with an automatic threader, making it much easier to thread the needle.
  • threadier Her hair had grown much longer and was now much threadier than before.
  • treader The hiker carefully navigated the treacherous terrain, taking small steps as a cautious treader.

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