Correct spelling for ABRIVA

We think the word abriva is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for abriva

  • abortive Conscious that his counsels had hitherto been either disregarded or rendered abortive by the King himself, the Duke endeavoured to escape this new demand upon his patience, but Henry was peremptory.
  • above It's time for us to go above.
  • abrade Abradable coatings are made up of materials that will abrade, or wear off, when they rub against a mating surface.
  • abrasive Because of its hardness, the Brazil nut's shell is often pulverized and used as an abrasive to polish materials such as metals and even ceramics (in the same way jewelers rouge is used).
  • abridge Dr. Channing, of Boston, who resided some time in Virginia, shows that the over-working of slaves, to such an extent as to abridge life, and cause a decrease of population, is not confined to the far south and south-west.
  • abroad I was abroad at the time."
  • abusive The overseer of the plantation on that part of the island where I resided was a Georgian-a man of stern character, and at times cruelly abusive to his slaves.
  • arrive Next day Lord Pembroke and the fair Frenchwoman were the first to arrive.
  • brave You are very brave!
  • bravo " Bravo, sir; and now, my palfrey against your steed,-trot, eh?
  • breve Percussion music in particular makes use as well of anti-accent marks, notated as follows: slightly softer than surrounding notes: ◡ (breve) significantly softer than surrounding notes: ( ) (note head in parentheses) much softer than surrounding notes: [ ] (note head in brackets)
  • brief My mother's reply to this letter was characteristic and brief.
  • ebro Another wide band of Secondary rocks, running in a north-easterly direction, forms the long strip of Andalusia south of the Guadalquiver; and by Valencia and Cuenca this band is widely prolonged to the Ebro basin; otherwise, a narrow and interrupted strip along the south coast, and a bay-like expanse from the Atlantic, between Lisbon and Oporto, are the only Secondary tracts of the Peninsula.
  • iberia The Senate being assembled, Afranius gave his opinion that they should stick to Italy, for Italy was the chief prize of the war, and would bring to those who were masters of it the possession of Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Iberia, and all Gaul; and as to that which was the greatest concern to Pompeius, his native country who was stretching out her hands only at a short distance from them, it was not honourable to leave her to be insulted and enslaved by slaves and flatterers of tyrants.
  • iberian Roman, and Carthaginian occupations to the inarticulate Iberian past we should come, I suppose, from far and near to visit it.
  • o'brien O'Brien set his glasses aside.
  • Abram Abram got two men to help him, and they managed to lift him up and put him in the wagon.
  • Aubrey Mrs. Aubrey put her finger into one of his hands, which was half open, and which closed as it were instinctively upon it, with a gentle pressure.
  • ABBR The motorways in the Czech Republic, Czech: dálnice (abbr.
  • ABBREV Additional Housing Grant (abbrev: AHG) is an additional subsidy over and above the regular market subsidy and Central Provident Fund Housing Grant that new and resale HDB (Housing & Development Board) flat buyers in Singapore can enjoy.
  • braver Meanwhile Providence was not forgetful of those who were fighting the braver moral battle of suffering and endurance for their religion.

39 words made from the letters abriva

3 letter words made from abriva:

aar, iva, air, rbi, ara, bar, bai, ira, rib, var, bra, aba, arb, iaa, baa.

5 letter words made from abriva:

baira, arabi, rabia, ariva, barva, avira, varia, aivar, vaira, braai, barai, ibara, rabai, arbia, bravi, vibra, avari.

4 letter words made from abriva:

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