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How to spell ABS correctly?

If you intended to type "abs" but ended up misspelling it, here are a few possible suggestions: "asks", "ants", "adds" or "abe". These words are phonetically similar to "abs", and one of them might have been the word you intended to write. Double-check your spelling for clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell abs correctly

  • ab
  • aba
  • abc I have a love for ABC.
  • abcs My grocery list included ABCs: apples, bananas, and cereal.
  • Abe Abe was always the first one to arrive at the office.
  • abm
  • ABMS The ABMS is a sophisticated automated biometric matching system.
  • ABS The ABS brakes are standard on most new cars.
  • ADS Many websites are filled with ADS that can be annoying to the user.
  • Ais Ais is a type of language used by the Inuit people.
  • ALBS Albs is an all-natural detergent made with baking soda and purified water.
  • ans
  • as
  • ATS I'm looking for the ATS office.
  • bbs
  • bs The bird struggled to free itself from the bs.
  • cabs I had to take three different cabs to get to my destination.
  • CBS The CBS Corporation is an American mass media company which was founded on September 27, 1927, by William P. S.
  • dabs He took a few dabs of paint to touch up the chipped spot on the wall.
  • gabs I love spending hours on end with my best friend, just gabs on our favorite topics.
  • JABS John's arms were swinging back and forth like Jabs from Rocky.
  • LABS I need to make an appointment for my labs.
  • LBS
  • nabs The detective nabs the thief who's been robbing the local grocery store.
  • NBS
  • OBS OBS is a popular software for live streaming and recording video gameplay.
  • pbs I watched the "Masterpiece" series on PBS last night.
  • tabs I have too many tabs open in my browser.
  • TBS I like to watch TBS for my evenings relaxation.
  • UBS I think I saw a UBS logo on the building.

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