Correct spelling for ABUND

We think the word abund is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for abund

  • abandon Come to my arms, abandon yourself to my love, and fear nothing.
  • abed At half-past nine all in the house were abed.
  • abide A barrister has to abide by his brief and leave his personal feelings out of account."
  • abode I immediately walked to the abode of the worthy spy in high spirits, and hoping that my servant's guess had been correct.
  • abound They are certainly as well situated for receiving seeds, by all the various ways I have heard of, as any of those coasts are that abound in wood.
  • about Don't be uneasy about me.
  • absurd The idea of Sadie keeping quiet herself, or of keeping any body else quiet, was simply absurd.
  • abused He then abused the route of Fezzan, and said it was full of banditti.
  • abut The pawls, h, are connected by wires with the bent levers, m, of the draught machine, which carry also the pawls, n. The upper position of the pawls, h, is limited by the direct resting of the levers, m, on the tappet, o, and the lower position by the resting of the pawls, n. The plates, p, held by the pattern, M, are set in motion horizontally by means of the eccentric, q, the crank, r, and the bent lever, s. The raised plates abut against the corresponding levers, m, and thus bring about the descent of the pawls, h, which are suspended from these levers.
  • amend Uncomplaining resignation may help by its example, but the resignation which sits with folded hands and makes no effort to amend, is only a form of feebleness.
  • ant There is also the large reddish-black ant, which bites fiercely, but is regarded with favour because it kills the white ants when it can get at them.
  • armband There is a large staff of harassed-looking landing officers here, with A. M. L. O. on a white armband for the medical people; a great many troopships are coming from Southampton; you hear them booing their signals in the harbour all night and day.
  • around I'll tell you what I think when I've been around to Mrs. Lindsay's this afternoon-to 46 Jefferson Place.
  • auburn Her magnificent wealth of burnished auburn hair flows back in amethystine waves from her sun-kissed brow.
  • aunt No, Aunt Ellen; I think it is from a friend.
  • band First he cut off the water from the city of the Jebusites, and then Joab with the veteran band of David succeeded in climbing the wall in a sudden attack.
  • bandy Of course Steve could do as he pleased; but since the others dropped back a little so as to accommodate the less skillful Bandy-legs, he had to follow suit, or be all alone in the van.
  • banned She is a banned woman, who has been trafficking with her own body, which should be a temple of the Lord.
  • bend The Minorite received the promise with a silent bend of the head.
  • bind Once inside the ruin, he proceeded to bind his unresisting victim with cords, which he had taken in along with him.
  • bond Last of all, of their unexpected coming together in Russia and of the peculiar bond between Nona Davis and the Russian woman.
  • boned He had barely passed the gate when another boy came shuffling along-a tall, raw-boned lad, with an insinuating smile and shifty, cunning eyes.
  • bound 13,935. How do you know that you are bound?
  • bunt 10. Dann war es mir zu bunt: it was too much for me, it goes too far.
  • burned One Margaret Jourdain, of Eye, near Westminster, was burned in Smithfield.
  • burnt 86; burnt by northmen, 104; Chronicle of, ii.
  • end 9558. Are you generally a little bit in arrear end of the year?
  • inbound One day in late October, 1917, a division of American destroyers at Queenstown received detailed instructions from Admiral Bayly to leave at a certain hour and escort the outward convoy "O Q 17" and bring into port the inbound convoy "H S 14." These detailed instructions were based upon general instructions issued from the Admiralty, where my staff was in constant attendance and co-operation.
  • unbound There lay his daughter n sound sleep; her pretty head rested on her uplifted right arm, her unbound brown hair flowed like a stream over her soft round shoulders and over the edge of the little bed.
  • undo And as to the other members of the convention, there was Roger Sherman, who had signed the articles of confederation, and was now trying to undo his own work.
  • Abounded Of course there was everywhere soda, and places of the softer drinks abounded.
  • And Once again Durdlebury had come to Doggie and not Doggie to Durdlebury.
  • Bendy The coat bendy argent and gules, the ancient arms of Talbot, which are still borne as a quartering by the Earl of Shrewsbury, Waterford, and Talbot; and the coat chequy or and azure, a quartering for Warren, which is still borne by the House of Howard, all come within the same category.
  • Ind A. D. Streight, 51 Ind.
  • Abner "We are not likely to agree," said Abner gloomily.
  • Andy "It won't be sacrificing them," said Andy, with forced cheerfulness.
  • abounds The city itself abounds in interest.
  • Ubuntu Ubuntu packages are based on packages from Debians unstable branch.

29 words made from the letters abund

5 letter words made from abund:

duban, bunda, budan, dubna, abdun.

3 letter words made from abund:

bad, dna, nad, nab, dun, ban, nub, bun, dab, anu, bud, dub.

4 letter words made from abund:

baud, duba, nuda, ndau, naud, baun, udba, danu, daub, band, buna, nabu.

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