Correct spelling for ABUSENT

We think the word abusent is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for abusent

  • Absent(Definition of absent)
  • We were absent from camp three days, and had only nine hours' sleep."

  • Abusing
  • She had suffered much by the separation from paul; she suffered more whenever her aunt fell into her passionate way of abusing him, and she felt that her faculties were overstrained when she was in the society of her strange relative.

    You got a brain you ain't using You got charm you're abusin' You're too busy out there floosin' Or lying at home snoozin'

    – Life of Leisure by Luscious Jackson
  • Absents
  • Art. 107. every soldier who in an existing or subsequent enlistment deserts the service of the united states or without proper authority absents himself from his organization, station, or duty for more than one day, or who is confined for more than one day under sentence, or while awaiting trial and disposition of his case, if the trial results in conviction, or through the intemperate use of drugs or alcoholic liquor, or through disease or injury the result at his own misconduct, renders himself unable for more than one day to perform duty, shall be liable to serve, after his return to a full-duty status, for such period as shall, with the time he may have served prior to such desertion, unauthorized absence, confinement, or inability to perform duty, amount to the full term of that part of his enlistment period which he is required to serve with his organization before being furloughed to the army reserve.

  • Unsent(Definition of unsent)
  • Nor still another unsent form, perhaps more characteristic than either of the foregoing.

  • Abasement(Definition of abasement)
  • There is no strength like the abasement of weakness; no power like a childlike confidence.

  • Absentee(Definition of absentee)
  • Notwithstanding the shock this occasioned to the affectionate heart and aspiring temper of our friend paul, it abated not his ardour in that field of science which it seemed that the distinguished absentee had so successfully cultivated.

  • Usenet
  • 2. a chain of usenet followups each adding some trivial variation of riposte to the text of the previous one, all of which is reproduced in the new message; an {include war} in which the object is to create a sort of communal graffito.

  • Assent(Definition of assent)
  • The clergy were compelled to assent.

  • Absently(Definition of absently)
  • She answered the bishop's questions absently and often quite at random, and the old man supposed that she was stunned by her great sorrow; so to give her thoughts a new direction he began telling her about paula, and believing that katharina was fond of her, he confided to her that he had taken paula, the day before, to orion's cell, and consecrated their betrothal.

  • Absented(Definition of Absented)
  • It is a notorious fact that the number of deserters from wellington's army in spain and portugal, men who wilfully absented themselves from the colours and wandered over the country, was by no means inconsiderable; while the behaviour of the french regulars in 1870, and even of the germans, when they rushed back in panic through the village of gravelotte, deaf to the threats and entreaties of their aged sovereign, was hardly in accordance with military tradition.

  • Ascent(Definition of ascent)
  • Her dwelling stood but a stone's-throw from the road, and presently they turned up to it by a short steep ascent.

  • Abused(Definition of abused)
  • Sarah woodham had been abused and insulted almost beyond bearing a hundred times, and ordered to go, but she always smiled sadly in claude's face afterwards.

  • Ibsen(Definition of ibsen)
  • "all the difference between a gibson girl and an ibsen girl," said she.

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