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How to spell ACARS correctly?

If you've misspelled "acars", fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions: "acres", referring to a unit of land measurement; "across", indicating movement from one side to another; "scars", permanent marks on the skin; or "acorn", the nut of an oak tree.

List of suggestions on how to spell acars correctly

  • acorns Some of the acorns that I gathered fell on the ground and rolled.
  • acres The farm was spread across several acres of land.
  • actors In the play, the actors portray different characters.
  • acts She always performs selfless acts of kindness towards others.
  • agar The scientist prepared a nutrient agar to grow bacteria in the laboratory.
  • airs The actress put on airs in front of the paparazzi to maintain her image as a Hollywood celebrity.
  • ajar The door was ajar, and I could see a sliver of light coming from the other side.
  • cars Elsewhere on the lot, there were several cars in various stages of repair.
  • caws
  • CURS The professor refused to give me a CURS score on my final paper.
  • EARS She had a pair of ears which stuck out from her head.
  • GARS Gars are predatory fish that are known for their long, slender bodies and sharp teeth.
  • icarus Icarus flew too close to the sun with his wax wings, melting them and falling to his death.
  • jars I filled the jars with fruit juice.
  • OARS The OARS team used their oars to move the boat.
  • OSCARS I saw "The Oscars" last night.
  • Scars The scars on her arms told the story of her painful journey.

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