What is the correct spelling for ACCELARATING?

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Correct spelling for ACCELARATING

We think the word accelarating is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accelarating

  • accelerate They can move at extremely high speed, hover, accelerate rapidly, and outmaneuver ordinary aircraft.
  • accelerated Then her head was thrown a little way back, her knees bent insensibly, her rosy lips were half opened, as if to give a passage to her heated breath, for her bosom heaved violently, as thought youth and life had accelerated the pulsations of her heart, and made her blood boil in her veins.
  • accelerating "My daughter," continued Burroughs with accelerating anger, "tells me you have denied the story."
  • acceleration The eggs moved in with fantastic acceleration to their targets.
  • accelerator In some cases where a very specific use is intended, for example, in the case of a process-control application such as the Argonne plate scanner or an accelerator controller, the conditions are simple enough to make economic judgment relatively easy to apply.
  • exhilarating The ride down to Pierrefitte is quick and exhilarating.
  • Execrating And then, execrating Mueller, and Molino, and Molino's bath, and Molino's customers, and all Molino's ancestors from the period of the deluge downwards, I reluctantly complied.
  • accelerates Flesh-food accelerates this process, but the juices of fruits, and distilled or soft water, dissolve out these deposits.
  • accelerators The oxides of alkaline metals or their alkaline salts are not the only accelerators susceptible of being used in pyro development.

620 words made from the letters accelarating

5 letter words made from accelarating:

algin, caala, gelan, actia, cnaic, etang, altin, araca, gance, erlin, cinct, agaie, grita, aigle, cager, arana, algae, elrig, garel, altia, alaie, altri, cagni, caria, cenci, areca, aling, cagle, cecin, accnt, agner, argal, antle, gilet, glace, ancic, graca, alagi, aalen, clert, crati, enlit, agena, angar, ganci, aacta, caiga, canal, cagan, cange, arani, grail, graet, cania, arcti, carat, artec, circl, etail, galen, ertan, ciena, algea, angra, grine, elang, arain, calne, graci, acara, circe, caril, actin, calta, ainga, acela, certa, alien, canta, eling, gaana, cring, grael, alang, carga, cilag, crace, anter, alire, giner, cline, gilan, agita, argle, aatae, atric, acier, creil, angei, algia, aegir, ctncl, grant, clain, creta, antai, galan, alger, elara, cecal, iarge, acter, angat, cling, entia, grean, arale, garat, giren, ceral, glint, gatic, ceric, atire, erica, ergil, celic, calia, agran, elric, agler, grate, crane, craic, carte, gnarl, ercan, enlai, areni, cinta, anale, celan, craal, calci, airan, agnar, arcae, gatra, citra, eglin, carni, creag, alcea, etica, ganar, agila, erlan, altai, gitar, areal, enact, atina, aglet, clein, claar, anile, gerlt, cigar, aarti, einat, agnel, aecia, atagi, gante, garai, glina, artel, altra, aneal, actel, creal, argei, etgar, aeria, atlin, gaite, crena, grian, catla, clane, areia, clier, arine, galet, cirta, accra, clear, agren, ergin, atrai, eatin, crean, canet, cagna, genri, galca, genic, altar, arnal, grlic, arati, angre, crate, elarg, anari, ciger, gerti, elint, glant, centi, clent, etian, ating, angle, giler, canai, arcel, geral, garce, giant, agent, erian, great, agile, cairn, arena, gelin, glare, catli, crile, genal, acing, grain, agana, gaint, agate, agnle, caire, cater, grani, gaita, anaia, agnea, alier, anger, cerna, garet, cilea, ariga, artal, greci, aline, acral, eclat, cicer, giaan, grein, angel, align, cinar, altgr, alert, elgar, graae, antic, arlit, gilat, glean, glane, atler, grace, cinae, griet, argel, gater, calan, artin, galie, cient, cante, galit, clang, alite, ganta, alter, caner, giral, crine, cenac, getin, garni, genil, cance, glera, caret, arial, alate, ancre, gerin, galer, garci, ciega, alaei, arang, ering, again, ganic, clean, gaeta, craca, geant, earnt, graea, cerat, aclac, arent, atlan, anier, garea, cilan, cleat, ainge, algic.

3 letter words made from accelarating:

era, ate, gen, aga, ter, cat, arc, ant, lir, tag, lag, ale, ace, ect, can, nit, alt, ara, eat, tea, ire, gal, lat, ecg, iaa, air, tic, nil, let, nec, lan, lei, nrc, iga, erg, rit, art, ent, crt, ala, ige, tai, lac, lie, are, rat, car, ali, teg, age, tlc, nag, nig, cia, aec, tia, gel, tri, lin, ice, lea, ain, rna, ail, leg, ler, gca, cli, ane, cer, gar, ear, tan, ret, ana, ira, net, enl, get, gin, rag, tie, ecc, ern, eta, rig, gat, tec, ten, tar, lit, icc, act, ani, ert, tin, etc, aar.

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