Correct spelling for ACCELERANT

We think the word accelerant is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accelerant

  • accelerate To supply the moisture thus continually decreasing by evaporation and consumption, an occasional, but sparing, sprinkling of water should be given to the floor, to recruit the languishing powers of vegetation, and imitate the shower upon the cornfield; but this should not be too often repeated; for, as in the field, too much rain, and too little sun, produces rank stems and thin ears, so here would too much water, and, of course, too little dry warmth, accelerate the growth of the malt, so as to occasion the extraction and loss of such of its valuable parts as, by a slower process, would have been duly separated and left behind.
  • accelerated The conduct of Haslam with respect to several other patients was of a corresponding description; and in the case of a gentleman whose death was evidently accelerated by the severities he underwent, and of several other persons, there is abundant proof of cruelty....
  • accelerating The Kuzaks' bubbs, towing massive loads, were accelerating slowest, with the ex-gridiron twins riding the rigging.
  • accelerator An atom smasher is a particle accelerator.

345 words made from the letters accelerant

5 letter words made from accelerant:

acral, crane, claar, ranta, anale, tacna, lacet, ratal, laeta, altra, ertle, ercel, arcae, clert, recta, enact, telen, eater, crete, certa, celan, nacre, acene, lenat, tener, areel, cerna, arete, recce, neral, creal, ranat, lecan, actel, elect, earnt, ratae, erlen, cerat, carat, letna, reaal, celer, calta, lecce, cante, retal, caner, tacca, ertan, trece, arale, nacer, reata, lacer, eaten, clean, creel, canal, creta, calne, ratel, alate, telae, canet, reate, artel, eletr, acter, craca, aalen, clear, tence, netra, racan, cerne, ratan, latae, cater, crate, entre, ertel, natal, anter, arcel, lacan, cance, catla, talan, alter, erent, clere, ntare, erect, taler, accnt, erlan, atlan, anele, accra, alete, lener, terna, cerae, react, cenac, naret, altar, leear, alcea, ratna, tanec, lerna, laner, aneal, tarle, alert, letra, terne, ceren, aneel, tarea, calan, areal, terce, lacen, lecca, tarna, lrene, laran, crace, elara, letea, acree, eclat, talca, clent, alere, creen, lente, ceral, lance, crece, trace, craal, enter, acela, areca, crean, learn, reale, aclac, arcee, antle, enate, later, aenea, canta, renal, renta, cente, taean, arena, teare, lanre, ctene, lenca, atler, ratee, elate, trela, atene, rence, naree, carte, rente, cleat, ralte, larne, cecal, caret, artal, teera, artec, laten, caere, leare, ancre, ernle, ctncl, aceae, narla, crena, arent, arnal, clane, ranee, ercan.

3 letter words made from accelerant:

ear, tar, ale, lac, car, ert, lea, rna, crt, rat, arc, act, ana, ent, ace, alt, nec, ate, ara, are, eat, nee, cer, ene, ane, etc, eel, lat, ern, can, ter, ret, ler, tea, aec, net, nrc, lee, lan, tan, ecc, tlc, ect, tee, let, eec, ten, era, ala, cat, art, ant, eta, tec, aar, enl.

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