Correct spelling for ACCELERATER

We think the word accelerater is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accelerater

  • accelerate It does its best to accelerate the decline of science and art.
  • accelerated His logic is not of the firstly, secondly, thirdly sort-a didactic, pulpit sort of logic-but a sort in which all the numerals are combined, and confounded, and sent home with the accelerated momentum of geometrical progression.
  • accelerator And they were glaring at me, and I was glaring at them, and then the driver stepped on the accelerator just at a little crook in the road, and the hind wheels skidded about a ton of sand into my face and they were gone, like they were running from a speed cop.
  • accelerates How can we know if it is still far to the goal toward which humanity is aiming, when we do not know how it will move toward it; that it depends on humanity whether it moves steadily onward or pauses, whether it accelerates or retards its pace.
  • accelerators Muriatic acid, from the fact of the presence of the chlorine, is used in the Daguerreotype process for dissolving gold, and in combination with various accelerators.

211 words made from the letters accelerater

3 letter words made from accelerater:

crt, alt, tee, eel, ear, aar, eta, tar, err, eec, ect, cer, tea, are, act, etc, era, car, tec, ace, tlc, ter, lea, lat, art, let, ert, rat, lac, aec, ret, ler, ala, arc, ara, cat, ale, ate, lee, eat, ecc.

4 letter words made from accelerater:

5 letter words made from accelerater:

ratra, eater, recer, atler, arere, cecal, alcea, ertle, artel, ercel, ertel, taler, cater, crete, craca, altra, cerra, tarea, cerat, leete, racer, clear, accra, trace, artal, areca, artra, craal, aclac, altar, elate, eclat, creer, cerae, arcel, arete, latae, elect, reate, leear, raree, erect, areal, cleat, claar, elara, teare, clert, actel, crear, lacet, letea, creal, lacer, lecce, aceae, later, reaal, etree, acela, arcae, carat, reata, laeta, arale, alete, leare, crace, ratal, tarar, areel, lecca, arcee, alert, calta, crece, carte, recce, terce, tacca, acter, crate, creta, recre, trela, artec, clere, ratae, ratee, teera, ratel, certa, creel, caret, teele, traer, acral, erler, ceral, letra, ralte, reale, telae, talca, retal, alere, recta, alate, alter, eletr, catla, trece, react, celer, tarle, caere, acree.

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