Correct spelling for ACCELLERATD

We think the word accelleratd is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accelleratd

  • accelerate Though on another occasion, when he had lamented in the most piercing terms his approaching dissolution, and conjured me solemnly to tell him what I thought, while Sir Richard Jebb was perpetually on the road to Streatham, and Mr. Johnson seemed to think himself neglected if the physician left him for an hour only, I made him a steady, but as I thought a very gentle harangue, in which I confirmed all that the doctor had been saying; how no present danger could be expected, but that his age and continued ill- health must naturally accelerate the arrival of that hour which can be escaped by none.
  • accelerated I accelerated their pace by sending a few shots after them and also fired at the warriors across the stream.
  • accelerating The train was in motion, going out of the city limits, accelerating its speed as it plunged into the woods beyond.
  • accelerator Her foot pressed gently on the accelerator, when the road became straight, holding the car now at forty miles.
  • accelerates The immense weight of head and shoulders causes the buffalo to labor heavily up-hill; but it accelerates his descent.
  • accelerators "Vitamines," as contrasted with "hormones," are supposed stimulants of synthetic metabolic processes, or accelerators of growth, rather than of degenerative processes.

345 words made from the letters accelleratd

3 letter words made from accelleratd:

dec, all, cad, eel, ear, dre, ecc, lad, tad, ate, art, crt, red, aec, ler, eec, etc, ert, ale, lcd, rat, ade, tea, ell, arc, eta, tar, alt, tlc, car, lat, act, rad, dle, ted, dat, aar, ldl, tee, ect, ltd, lac, eat, lea, ter, dal, ara, ala, cer, lld, ada, eld, let, led, ret, cat, ace, era, tec, lee, are.

5 letter words made from accelleratd:

arcae, cecal, caret, draal, caaed, ratae, carte, adree, dalet, reale, arcee, telle, cedre, drace, celer, claar, acter, alred, dacer, atall, edale, lecca, ertel, recce, reaal, dacca, creel, reell, reada, arcel, actel, allar, taler, leral, aceae, acree, altar, tarea, accra, artel, tadla, lecce, darat, earll, ceral, talel, calta, aldar, calla, alder, delta, dacre, atler, acela, carll, leear, tread, ratel, erect, elara, drell, ladra, raadt, cedar, edcel, adale, ratal, certa, crede, artec, lacet, ercel, trece, ratee, letal, elate, alert, later, catla, ardee, tarle, drall, elect, react, cleal, latae, letea, redec, ardea, cadre, darle, talla, ertle, deraa, trela, cadet, crate, ellet, edell, alate, adret, talca, radle, eclat, arete, leare, eater, ledra, arede, lader, decal, creed, allat, trade, arced, laedc, creal, alcea, alete, arled, clert, cater, edler, eared, leale, detar, ellac, deter, teaed, teera, ceder, areca, dalea, caled, alter, tarda, reata, retal, laced, datal, eletr, delal, eader, crece, areal, cerae, eldar, leder, letra, cerat, areel, altra, reate, reald, teare, crall, ralte, arale, carat, cleat, acral, recta, ecall, crete, terce, artal, celle, cadra, aclac, daele, craca, caere, telae, clear, craal, celal, clade, laeta, detre, daler, tacca, creta, lacer, cadle, crace, dalat, trace, alere, ladle, allee, clere, llera, erdal, leard, treed, elder.

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