What is the correct spelling for ACCELLERATING?

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Correct spelling for ACCELLERATING

We think the word accellerating is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accellerating

  • accelerate He was sent there by the English Post-Office to accelerate the mail-service to Suez, and it took him two months to do his business.
  • accelerated But highly accelerated charged particles did not solve all of science's questions about the inner workings of the nucleus.
  • accelerating But here are ten skins, deep, silky, almost black, for which a Russian officer will pay high prices, skins that will go to England, and from England to Paris, and from Paris to St. Petersburg with accelerating cost mark till the Russian grandee is paying $1 or more for each pelt.
  • acceleration The speed with its steady acceleration grows more intolerable with every mile.
  • accelerator In most instances the engine will start immediately without the use of the choke if the accelerator pedal is held in a slightly depressed position while the starter is used.
  • accelerates This precocity amazes me. It would seem as though carrion liquefaction, deadly to any other stomach, were in this case a food productive of special energy, which stimulates the organism and accelerates its growth, so that the fare may be consumed before its approaching conversion into mould.
  • accelerators This led me to an investigation of the accelerator fibres, to find out how far they are non-medullated, and so to the discovery that the rami communicantes connecting together the central nervous system and the sympathetic are in reality single, not double, as had hitherto been thought; for the grey ramus communicans is in reality a peripheral nerve which supplies the blood-vessels of the spinal cord and its membranes, and is of the same nature as the grey accelerators to the heart.

645 words made from the letters accellerating

5 letter words made from accellerating:

agent, ainge, caire, cange, arcel, celer, canai, ancic, alite, angat, calta, atric, alang, ancre, alete, agila, aecia, agnar, alter, cagan, alleg, alaei, aling, arial, atlan, agree, allee, ariga, aegae, celic, alcea, catla, actia, calci, cente, allat, altin, aeria, align, cecin, carll, alate, alier, algae, calne, argle, accra, airan, acral, areal, arale, acier, altra, aline, arani, algea, alger, alaie, cager, agler, alien, acing, aglet, artec, caere, centi, arine, anile, aerie, aneel, cerae, canal, carga, ainga, atrai, acter, agena, accnt, anier, caria, anele, agene, algal, cagni, arati, areni, angel, atagi, carat, artel, aarti, acree, cairn, artal, altia, atler, ceren, aalen, cance, again, algin, areca, cagle, arang, agran, aigle, cania, aglee, agaie, altgr, angre, antai, atlin, ainee, anale, carte, cecal, argal, areel, canet, arnal, calia, arcee, antle, caner, arena, altri, alire, atene, arlit, angar, actel, aille, aneal, algia, agate, celle, alert, atina, angra, argei, ating, aclac, algic, acela, cerat, allen, ceral, calan, acene, caiga, anger, aegir, alagi, atire, agita, atall, arent, celan, altai, agere, cante, aceae, agren, allar, cenac, calla, cater, agile, arain, angle, artin, aegre, areia, catli, antic, caril, anter, aenea, cenci, caret, canta, argel, arcti, ceric, arcae, cagna, celal, altar, agnle, anari, actin, allai, agnea, agnel, carni, angei, arete, agner, alere.

3 letter words made from accellerating:

enl, lei, ara, age, ear, gin, cer, net, ice, lit, rat, eel, ire, tai, gee, let, tar, iga, tri, gel, ten, tlc, ain, tee, ana, get, are, lea, ala, nil, lac, erg, ani, rig, tec, alt, eat, iaa, aga, rag, icc, nig, nit, nrc, era, ern, lat, tic, rna, tag, tie, gal, etc, ali, ect, nec, ace, ret, lan, cli, lin, ell, gca, leg, teg, ane, ter, arc, crt, ene, lie, ent, ale, eeg, lee, nee, lir, ert, tea, ail, ige, air, tia, gen, ecg, cat, tan, ant, act, ira, cia, nag, art, aec, all, eec, tin, lag, rit, ill, can, gar, ler, car, ate, aar, eta, gat, ecc.

4 letter words made from accellerating:

cain, cene, gari, erei, celt, inga, eega, inle, cite, agal, gaal, elan, eral, eang, gell, gean, gate, iler, aril, gelt, atle, gale, giel, cnlt, eier, glee, aare, eter, ecer, alca, cran, cage, call, gaia, cart, engi, egli, earn, agra, elei, aire, elli, girl, iaea, cere, elea, anal, gnat, ertl, alga, cree, erie, gran, glen, acre, anil, cali, glia, acer, erce, eira, ilet, grin, agni, area, cent, inca, gear, gain, aria, gill, gilt, gnal, grce, girt, ical, gait, gala, etna, etre, igel, inge, elia, alne, inec, erne, gaen, enic, gael, glan, gene, gila, atar, cleg, alee, ante, anar, geci, iran, anti, cert, earl, geta, gnel, anle, enel, ilna, cant, cing, cell, acne, gaan, care, eien, allt, arca, eire, grit, egri, airt, crag, egna, eile, erni, gien, alar, gaea, gall, egin, clit, clan, agar, gati, ecct, anga, cane, gent, egen.

7 letter words made from accellerating:

allenia, algeria, angelil, alterna, cancela, ageleia, carelli, cantera, agentic, aligner, carangi, acerate, antical, airlane, alterne, acillae, anglica, cangele, alencar, callant, analgic, accinge, calcine, acrilan, allieae, algerie, aliener, caelian, alateen, calling, acratic, caganer, caligae, arctica, allante, cantiga, algetic, cantica, accreta, atelier, angliae, argenti, canticl, alliate, callari, algenic, antilla, carinae, carilla, aeterna, callier, callace, caillat, cargile, alcance, caetani, alcaine, arcelin, article, allegan, arcella, calcite, caecina, anergic, agalite, acarine, accrete, agelena, arenite, aterian, acreage, allerca, allegri, arecane, aretaic, agnelet, angelic, angelie, agencia, caetera, canella, actinal, aintree, caragin , ancilla, calcein, analect, caincae, aleiter, anticar, aircell, agnatic, cancale, agilent, artlang, cantier, angreal, atlarge, angelli, alliage, atingle, agnelli, calleri, calgene, aricena, aletrin, allegre, angrite, alierta, carella.

6 letter words made from accellerating:

aiglet, aerage, alrite, alegre, allert, allcia, alinea, aigret, alatri, acicle, altera, allign, allier, aegina, algren, alaric, alalic, agente, againe, anegre, aelian, accent, alerce, aegean, ancira, ancier, allege, alenia, altier, altair, alinta, agrell, aglare, againt, airtel, acteal, alling, aliran, allein, acetal, altina, actine, acerca, altria, alreet, alinee, aliant, alange, alnair, altcar, agneta, alcaic, algeri, acting, agence, agnete, alarie, aircel, altace, alerie, aerate, altrec, allari, allice, alleni, aecial, altice, agnail, aleria, aelita, altner, agaric, aceite, aerien, agnate, altena, actian, aerial, aereal, alting, aillet, acinar, acetic, aleati, algine, aigner, altaic, alerta.

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